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2D MMO Pixadom Adds Monster Battles and Aims for A Unique Social MMORPG Experience

Steven Weber Posted:
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One-person studios are not so uncommon these days. With the influx of new engines and technology, small capable teams are able to follow their dreams and build out their passions projects. One such project is a new 2D top-down pixel art social MMORPG called Pixadom.

Developed by a single developer, Pixadom is a revival of the developer's long-standing passion for game development which began with a game called BittyBay. Many of those elements inspired Pixadom and so far, the development has been moving through its paces, with new features being added periodically.

At its core, Pixadom aims to rekindle the social interactions often missed in modern MMORPGs. It offers a casual gaming environment where players can dive in for either short bursts or extended play. There’s mini-games, quests where you’ll battle monsters and even some player versus player battles.

While the game is a top-down 2D game, the visuals a reminiscent of popular 2D games like Pokemon and Stardew Valley. The latest update to Pixadom introduced an exciting feature: monster battling. Prior to the addition of battling monsters, you could only join in on the social spaces, and battle other players in an arena. This update marks the debut of the game’s first monster, the "puffle," a cute but formidable creature.

Players will be able to engage in combat with puffles using swords, while they dodge dangerous spike explosions. Each defeated puffle rewards players with three coins, enhancing the game's interactive and reward-based system, and you can buy cosmetics in the shop back in town.

Pixadom continues to evolve with each update, but the game is still in its very early stages. Despite its early stage and emerging community, the game is live and available for players to jump in and test each update for free through a browser. If you’re a fan of 2D games and you’re interested in learning more about what’s on the horizon for Pixadom you can keep up to date by checking out our Indie MMO Spotlight every Sunday.


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