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15% Of You Played Star Squadrons in VR in the First Week

Plus more stats

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a bit of fun, the team behind Star Wars Squadrons released some statistics recapping the first week of the game’s release.

The stats were released on Twitter, but here’s how they break down. In the first week, over 88 million minutes of live streams were watched. Additionally, 15% of you played the game in VR, though the stat doesn’t break out by HMD.

The most popular starfighters were the X-Wing for the Republic, and the TIE Interceptor for the Empire. Over 97 million capital ships were destroyed, joined by 599,481,422 destroyed starfighters. Over 15 million total drifts were performed.

It’s been a busy week for Star War Squadrons. if you’re interested in the game, definitely check out our review where Bradford enjoyed the VR but found the multiplayer to be a bit lacking. Additionally, we wrote up some quick tips to help you get started in the game. You can read those here.


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