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Soul Kingdoms - An Upcoming Fantasy 'MMO-Lite' Reveals First Class: The Ember Priest

Soul Kingdoms is a new 'MMO-Lite' fantasy game focused on 'MMO-PvPers' that is currently in production by indie developer Power Proc Studios. The studio has been working on securing funding via investors and publishers but has ultimately decided on self-publishing the game.

TitanReach Shutting Off Servers, Pulling Back into Private Development

Last week we reported that TitanReach has found a wealthy backer that was able to provide enough funds for the team at Square Root Studios to return to development. In keeping with the plan that they unveiled in an interview on KiraTV last week, Sqrt will be returning the game into private development as they get back to work.

SWG Legends Posts Huge September Newsletter: Talks Upcoming Star Viper Content

SWG: Legends has kept the Star Wars Galaxies dream alive and kicking with consistent updates and an active community. In the latest newsletter, the development team answers plenty of player questions, puts to rest support for the visual ILM mod, and teases some upcoming content.

Blankos Block Party's Mythical Marketplace Makes Move to Beta

Blankos Block Party has announced the next phase of their Mythical Marketplace, a place where players can sell the NFT Accessories and Characters they buy or earn in game. In addition to the new phase of development, Mythical will make it easier than ever to withdraw funds through their integration with Uphold, a multi-asset digital currency platform.

First Guild Wars 2 WvW Beta Scrapped After a Brief, But Rough Start

Guild Wars 2 began its WvW Restructuring beta today and ended it just hours later after major bugs.

Albion Online Season 13 Closes With a Dominating Win and Looking Ahead

Season 13 comes to a close for Albion Online with dominant championship and a look ahead to Surge and season 14.

Neverwinter Echoes of Prophecy Events Start in October

Neverwinter opens three months of Milestones in the new Echoes of Prophecy event starting in October.

DayZ Community Pays Tribute to One of Its Own

The DayZ community recently came together to pay tribute to a member of the community, Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, who was killed in Afghanistan in August.

 Myth of Empires - Signups Open for Closed Beta in October

In development sandbox Myth of Empires opens registration for a first ever global closed beta in October.

New World Global Launch Times, Servers, and Bonuses Confirmed

New World global launch times confirmed, along with first weeks of promos to claim.

Ashes of Creation Dev Live Stream Today at 11a PDT

Get ready for the next developer live stream for Ashes of Creation set for later today.

Aion and Aion Classic Receiving Two Major Updates

Aion and Aion Classic are set to receive a couple of major updates in the next few weeks. We've got the details.

Diablo II: Resurrected Seeing Launch Day Server Issues

Diablo II: Resurrected has been seeing launch day server issues that have locked some players out of their characters, prevented new characters, and cost progress. Blizzard has been performing maintenance to get the issues resolved.

World of Warcraft PTR 9.1.5 Update Tweaks PvP and Relaxes Difficulty for Solo Play

The World of Warcraft PTR update for 9.1.5 continues seeing a bunch of updates to continue fine-tuning the new upcoming release.

Dauntless Update Starts Bonuses and Sets Up October Events

The new Dauntless update fixes a few bugs, adopts some UI changes, and opens up the path to its October content by kicking off a few weeks of events starting tomorrow.