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ArcheAge Boosts the Faction Statue Bonuses for More Competitive Play and Starts a Double Bonus Event

This week's update for ArcheAge brought a new buff to the Faction Statue to help players be more competitive, removed the mail cooldown, began some events, and fixed a few bugs.

RuneScape Bans Exploiters on Fresh Start Worlds And Adds a Special Cape For the Most Skilled Players

Jagex is rewarding some of RuneScape's most seasoned players with a brand new, typically showy, cape. The team is also battling some exploiters on the recently-opened Fresh Start servers.

EVE Online's Latest Update Adds New Ships, Narrative Event Ahead Of Uprising Expansion

EVE Online's latest update this week, Empire Frontiers, brings some much needed changes to New Eden, as well as the infusion of new ships to earn and fly.

With Feedback and Concern Over Switch to Group Loot, Blizzard Responds To Clarify Goals and Improvements

Dragonflight is coming, and Blizzard's decision for Season 1 to switch to Group Loot only for raids has gotten some concern and negative feedback. A dev has responded to clarify how things will work.

The Elder Scrolls Online Community Event Will Give The Firesong DLC for Free Ast 100% Completion Reward

Yesterday, The Elder Scrolls Online team did a streamed deep dive into Firesong, and there are more details about the locations, lore, and monsters. They also revealed that a 100% completion reward for the Heroes of High Isle community challenge will be a free copy of the DLC.

Fractured Online Spotlights Crafting With Its Intricate Layers, Why Cities are Vital, and Competition

The latest Fractured Online feature spotlight takes a deep dive into the intricate layers of the game's crafting system. In addition to learning recipes, there are a number of considerations for materials, and even several vital roles of cities and exploration.

New World Continues Adding Servers With Four Regions Getting A New Option Today

Amazon has announced another round of server openings for New World. One server will open in Central Europe, US West, US East, and South America to continue to support increased demand.

The Elder Scrolls Online Firesong Prologue Live for All to Play for Free; Devs Give Lots of New Details on the DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online Firesong DLC will feature abotu 15 hours of content, a new zone, an island to explore, more political intrigue, and much more. Live now is a free prologue to complete for all.

Dragonflight Season 1 And Raid Schedule Revealed, and the Winds of Wisdom Buff Returns

Details on Dragonflight Season 1 are out, including the first raid, Vault of the Incarnates, with an opening schedule, and details on the dungeon rotation. Plus, the Winds of Wisdom XP bonus is returning.

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Newsletter Heralds The Return Of Pre-Alpha Sessions

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's latest newsletter rounding out the month of September announced that the MMO is bringing back its pre-alpha sessions for those backers who have testing access. Additionally, to celebrate this, the team at Visionary Realms is releasing previously under wraps notes and enhancements to the community to peel back the veil on testing.

 Fractured Online Fixes Some Major Siege Glitches, Makes Some Balance Tweaks and Imrovements

The Fractured Online patch adds small balance changes, some improvements, and fixes some major bugs with sieges, from missing protection to players slipping through closed doors.

Blizzard Announces that World of Warcraft's Dragonflight Expansion Launching November 28th

Blizzard has finally announced that Dragonflight, the next expansion for World of Warcraft, officially releases on November 28th.

Google Is Shutting Down Stadia In January 2023; Refunds For Hardware And Game Purchases Coming

Google has announced today it is shutting down its Stadia streaming service, with the last day the servers will be available being January 18th. Google is giving refunds for hardware and games bought from Google, which they expect will be completed by mid-January 2023.

The Lord of the Rings Online is Giving Quest Packs For Free Again Ahead of Before the Shadow

Before the Shadow, the new mini-expansion is on the way, and The Lord of the Rings Online is giving away a number of quest packs for free again.