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Second Leaked Trailer Shows Concept Art & Provides Setting Context

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Second Leaked Trailer Shows Concept Art & Provides Setting Context

We have heard virtually nothing from Amazon Game Studios since it announced New World more than a year ago. Redditor "Conquistad" has posted a new trailer that is rumored to be about New World. It is packed with concept art and a narrative description about the setting of the game.

"New World is an alternate colonial America where superstition is fact and monsters are real. Alchemy & sorcery exist in this vast world where blessed blades and summoned spirits clash with eldrich powers and restless dead. Guard yourself with sacred relics, spirit charms and words of power. Protect your settlement from player bandits and supernatural horrors with arcane wards and ritual magic. Or adventure onto the landscape to discover strange cursed and mysterious lands."

As with all things of this sort, keep in mind that it is a rumored look at New World, but one we certainly hope is true!

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Thanks, Kumupon!


MMORPG.com Staff