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New World's Preview Event Is Now Live

Exploring Aeternum

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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New World's much anticipated NDA-less preview is now live, according to an announcement made on their Twitter feed. The preview event, which runs from today through September 5th, will give Alpha and Pre-order players a chance to romp through Aeternum and share their experiences first hand, as the NDA has finally been lifted.

New World brings players to the twilight of the Age of Exploration, as they stumble upon the island of Aeternum somewhere in the Atlantic. We had the chance to go hands on during a press preview yesterday with New World's War mode PvP, and while it was fun, the performance and real lack of communication surrounding the PvE experience from the studio brought some concerns. 

If you've been in Alpha tests before, or have pre-ordered New World before today, you should have a code from Amazon Game Studios to download the new client. If you don't see 'New World Preview' in your Steam library, we've detailed some steps to take from the studio in a new post earlier this morning.

It'll be interesting to see player feedback now that the MMO is in the wild, to a degree. New World was originally slated to release today, but was delayed till Spring 2021, a move Amazon cites as giving the team more time to build out the mid-to-end game content based on tester feedback throughout their extensive alpha periods. Are you jumping into New World today? If so, share your experiences with us below.


Joseph Bradford

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