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New World - SteamDB Charts Nearly 50K Players in Preview

New World is Steaming! In a Good Way.

Steven Weber Posted:
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New World released a preview on the 25th of August, and it looks like it has been quite popular with Steam players. Yesterday, August 27th, the game peaked at over 48K players, with populations staying fairly steady since the preview went live.

The preview as a whole is an interesting topic, as the game isn’t set to release until 2021. The preview wasn’t open to just anyone, as Alpha and pre-order players were primarily the only ones guaranteed to get in, with beta sign-ups prior to July 9th being the only confirmed beta sign-ups eligible for play during the August 25th test. If SteamDB is any indication of how popular New World is at this point in its development, rest assured that the open beta, likely slated for sometime in Spring of 2021, will see an explosion in players looking to see what New World is all about.

The test will continue through September 5th, and there is an even better chance that the population will surge over the weekend. Recently our editor had the chance to check out the PvP in New World, and if you are one of the unlucky ones who did not get into the preview this time around, it might get you excited for the next set of beta invites.


Steven Weber

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