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New World Preps Explorers For Invasions In Aeternum

Fighting the Supernatural In New World

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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In a new blog post, the dev team behind the upcoming MMO New World detail how to deal with the deadly invasions which plague the eternal island of Aeternum. Having been delayed till August, players will unfortunately have to wait a little longer to join in the fight on Aeternum. In the blog post, the team breaks down everything from how you can join an invasion down to actually fighting in one.

To join in on an invasion, players sign up at their settlement's Town Board, afterwhich the Governor of the town will choose ten players to participate in the settlement's defense. Invasions in New World take place in different phases. First you have the preparation phase, which provides you and your team with 50 battle tokens to spend on defenses, such as incendiary mines, turret ammo, as well as items to help like potions and extra ammo. You'll also earn more tokens throughout the battle by killing, repairing or healing during the fight. 

Once the battle commences, the Corrupted will start to invade via portals that appear around the settlement. The battle is won or lost at the Fort Claim - lose the claim, lose the invasion. Successfully defend the claim for the time limit and you'll find yourself the victors. Different enemies will assault your walls, such as grunts who are weak individually but powerful in a swarm, as well as snipers and hulking brutes capabale of taking down structures with ease. 

Whether you win or lose an invasion, you'll still be rewarded which is nice to see. Players will still gain XP, loot and more at the end of the invasion. You can check out more about the invasions themselves on the official New World website. 


Joseph Bradford

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