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New World Players Killed 8 Million Turkeys, And Other Stats From Amazon's Preview

Those poor, poor turkeys

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Amazon has released some interesting stats about New World's preview, including the much needed information that players hunted turkey - to the tune of 8 million being killed over the preview period.

In a tweet on the official New World account over the weekend, Amazon showed off just a few stats, highlighting the goings-on during preview week.

In addition to 8 million turkeys meeting their end, over 295.5 million total enemies were also slaughtered by players across all servers. Players also didn't restrict their warfare to the local wildlife however, as Amazon detailed that over 1,200 total wars were launched in the preview period. 

Additionally, players seemed to flock to the Syndicate as their faction, with Amazon detailing it held also the most territory during the period. Last week, Robert detailed the faction and settlement mechanics of New World, thinking how Amazon's MMO treated factions and reputation was an "interesting twist."

Amazon has stated it's planning its next test around November, so it'll be interesting to see how the MMO has improved based on the feedback of the previous preview. In the meantime, check out Matt's thoughts on the preview overall in the video below.


Joseph Bradford

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