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New World - Players Invited for Density Testing Starting July 30th, Preview Forthcoming

This is your Density

Steven Weber Posted:
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Amazon Game Studios is allowing players who have pre-ordered prior to July 26th or alpha tested, into a density test that begins July 30th. The test is aiming to stress the servers for an upcoming New World Preview.

In the announcement post, information is also provided on giving players access for an upcoming preview starting around August 25th. In the preview, all beta sign ups prior to July 9th, alpha players, and all preorders will be invited to join in on making their mark in the New World (sans Pilgrim outfits). The New World preview will also not be under any NDA, so everyone who joins will be able to speak their mind, stream their experience, and tweet their progress to their hearts’ content.

The Density Test begins on July 30th at 2PM. Random Beta invites will also be sent out for some lucky beta hopefuls who will get to join in on the test. Details are restricted to the following:

  • Steam Pre-Orders will not be receiving an e-mail with details for access to the test. Instead please check the New World community page or your Steam feed.
  • Amazon Pre-Orders will receive an e-mail with a Steam key and details for access to the test.
  • Alpha Players will be granted automatic access and will receive an e-mail with details for access to the test.
  • Select Beta Sign Ups will receive an e-mail with a Steam key and details for access to the test.

Check out the official post for more on the test and a comprehensive FAQ list. We recently reported that New World will not be launching this year, and this may be a small stop gap in getting to the Spring 2021 release date they are shooting for. Wondering if you should be one of those that preorder? Check out some of the recent unedited combat videos to help you decide.


Steven Weber

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