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New World Dev Diary Episode 3 Looks at Real-Time Combat

Movement, tactics, proficiency

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The latest dev diary from the New World team takes a look at real-time action combat.

The team discuss the way you move, lunge, and dodge all matter and compared it more to an ARPG in this sense than a traditional MMO. They note combat goes beyond just gear. Tactics and skill matter quite a lot. Weapon mastery is touched on, which allows you to grow more proficient in the type of gameplay you want.

In effect, each weapon has its own skill tree. As you use it, you become more proficient with it and can unlock bonuses with it. The more you use a weapon, you gain xp with that weapon which you can use to specialize in those specific weapon skill trees. Gear matters as well in this regard to help shape your playstyle.

Magic is discussed as well, with anyone being able to use magic. But, like weapons, there is a proficiency factor here. Overall, the video emphasized movement, real-time, and customization.

Check out the full video below, and be sure to read Brian’s thoughts and concerns about New World:


Poorna Shankar

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