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New World Articles

Interview: Chatting Medleyfaire And New World's New Music System With Amazon Game Studios

The upcoming July update of New World brings with it one of the MMO's most interesting additions yet: musical instruments. We chatted with Amazon Game Studios about the faire and the addition of the instrument mechanic, as well as dove in ourselves on the PTR to perform some songs of our own.

New World Interview: Talking Heart of Madness Update With Creative Director David Verfaillie

With the latest update of Amazon's New World hitting this week, Heart of Madness provides more opportunities for players to enjoy Aeternum. We chatted with New World creative director David Verfaillie about the update.

New World Interview: Talking January's Update And The Future With Amazon's Mike Willette

January's update is coming, and we've had the chance to chat a bit about it with Amazon's World Experience Lead Mike Willette about some of its features, as well as ask about what's coming on the horizon.

New World Interview: Talking Challenges And Future WIth Game Director Scot Lane

Heading into the new year, Amazon's New World is gearing up for the future. Since launching in late September, the team t Amazon Game Studios has had a rough go of it. We chatted with Game Director Scot Lane about the troubles the studio has faced, and peaked into the future of the MMO.

New World Interview: Talking Dungeons With Amazon's Mike Willette

We recently had the chance to chat with Amazon Game's Mike Willette, the head of world experience on New World, all about dungeons in the upcoming MMO.

Interview: Talking Azoth And Magic In Amazon's New World

Over the last month, we've been slowly dipping a toe into Amazon's New World. But Magic, and how it works in Aeternum is something we've wondered more about. So we sat down with Amazon Game Studios to talk about how Magic fits into the world of New World.

New World Interview - Talking Combat, PvP and More With David Verfaillie

This past week, I had the distinct honor to sit down (over a video call) and talk with Amazon Game's David Verfaillie, the Head of Player Experience on New World, about Combat, Crafting, PvP, and more.

Exclusive New World Q&A - The Shroud of Mystery Begins to Lift

Amazon Game Studios' New World has been shrouded in mystery since it was first announced in late 2016. While the game has been in alpha testing for some time, little information has been forthcoming from the studio. That changes today with an exclusive interview with AGS Studio Head Patrick Gilmore, Game Director Scot Lane and Executive Producer Rich Lawrence. Find out more about this unique MMO in the making.