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New World's Next Update Looks Exciting, But Still Leaves Me Concerned

New World's upcoming release announced earlier this week is exciting, especially the introduction of the Greatsword and the new zone, Brimstone Sands. But some of the major additions coming with the update leave Bradford concerned about the future of the MMO.

Expeditions In New World Are Still One Of The MMO's Best Features

New World approaches the MMORPG a bit differently than some in the genre, but the dungeon-like expeditions make it feel right at home among other heavy hitters.

The Curse of Skill In Multiplayer Games

Niklas examines a lesser-broached subject in multiplayer games: the curse of skill.

New World's Cooking Makes Me Long For LotRO's Farming

New World's cooking aims to give the player realistic recipes to follow when making that next melon tart or shooter sandwich, but with so many ingredients dependent on luck to find, it makes Bradford wish for his days farming in The Lord of the Rings Online.

New World Review In Progress Update 2 - The Questing Problem

Bradford is almost done with New World, hitting the late mid, early end-game content over the weekend. And while there is still a lot to do, one aspect of New World's design has solidified in his mind: its PvE questing experience sure is boring.

Can New World's Social Community Strengths Sustain Its PvP-Focus?

Hardcore PvP games fail. This is a refrain we see time and time again. And by and large, it has some truth to it. New World is far from hardcore PvP, but it's focus on its player warfare is sustained mainly thanks to its incredibly cooperative community. But can that last?

New World Would Work Well on Controller

New World is the latest MMO seemingly everyone's playing. I'm loving my time in the game, and am enjoying the more chill vibe of the MMO. And I think official gamepad support would only make that experience even better.

New World's Smaller Servers Allow For Big Names

New World is intrinsically social. Boss encounters call for boxing out of players in order to make sure you get credit for a kill and potential drop. PvP is king, and everything players do on that front influences the entirety of the server.

New World's Corruption Portals Are A Satisfying, Zergy Mess

Corruption portals in New World are one of the few major PvE activities that bring players of all levels together. If you've got a weapon and want to run in circles for a few hours, New World has an activity for you. Bradford has spent the better part of three days doing mostly portals for his review, and we're pretty sure he's going crazy now as a result. But in a good way.

5 Things New World Must Change to Improve the Game

Have you heard of this game New World? I've been playing it semi-obsessively since its release last week. There are so many things I love about it. But there are a bucket-load of things which I believe Amazon must change to improve the experience across the board.

New World Is Already Giving Me Flashes Of EVE Online

On Bradford's server, the Syndicate reigns supreme. So much so that the Covenant faction is barely clinging onto a single region. Treaties were agreed upon and alliances were formed, but already the dealings of players on his server are giving him flashes of another PvP warfare MMO: EVE Online.

New World Review In Progress

New World released earlier this week, and after spending twenty hours thus far in Amazon's new MMO, we have some thoughts. Here is our first review in progress for New World.

Amazon's New World Launch Woes Were Bound To Happen, But This Time Felt Different

Amazon powers much of the internet thanks to its Amazon Web Services offering, which is why it seemed like a surprise its MMO, New World, launched with such widespread server issues. Brradford explores why he felt that this launch felt different than other day one MMO woes.

I'm Happy Newer MMOs Are Ditching The Cluttered UI Of MMOs Past

A discussion about the EVE Online Skill Plan UI got Bradford thinking about UI design in MMOs overall. Gone seemingly are the days of outrageously cluttered UI, in favor now for more minimalistic approaches. And Bradford is all for it.

New World's Open Beta: Will PvE Longevity Be An Issue?

New World's open beta kicks off today, and the new MMO from Amazon still has me asking questions. While Bradford enjoyed he time in New world in late July during its closed beta, going so far as to say he feels it is one of the most social MMOs to be launching to date in a previous editorial, he does wonder about its longevity, mostly due to its content.