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New World Articles

MMOSide Chat - Delays Aren't Actually All That Bad

With the recent news of Amazon delaying New World (again), Bradford takes a look at game delays in general and how, when all is said and done, they aren't the worst thing in the world.

As New World Looms, Is There Enough Time To Iron Out The Bugs?

Brian a while back had a chance to check out Amazon's New World, and while he came away impressed, he still has questions. Namely - will some of the major bugs he noticed during the Alpha be ironed out before Amazon's launch?

OPINION: New World & The Age-Old Clash Between PvE & PvP

Like many things in the industry (life, really), rampant tribalism emerges between various camps of differing beliefs, play styles, genres, etc. Many times, these divisions erode into truly toxic behavior and detestable language. But other times, these divisions lead to some good-natured poking. We need not look any further than last week’s news regarding New World and their constantly changing stance on PvE and PvP.