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New World Articles

Red's Read - First Look at Crafting in New World

New World development is moving along and Red Thomas checks out crafting in the latest "preview" event. Red gives his thoughts on what he likes and doesn't like about the crafting and offers a few tips that might help players maximize their time in the game.

New World - Cheering For Amazon Games

Tim breaks down his thoughts on Amazon Game Studios and the risk they are taking with creating MMORPGs - specifically New World.

New World, Old Problems

Tim takes a look at Amazon's New World, breaking down some of his fears that MMORPG history could repeat itself.

New World vs The Lord of the Rings

Red Thomas explores what we know about Amazon’s excursion into the MMO genre and what New World might signify for future games from the company. Red also explores the timeline of what we know surrounding the new Lord of the Rings project and who that may or may not matter to New World.

New World: Future Perspective

Red Thomas examines the current evidence around Amazon’s New World and considers what impact the new player in the industry could mean in the long-term. Also, how might New World herald a new business direction for Amazon?

Rezzed: Five Things We Want from New World

Just this Sunday, a video surfaced on Reddit that's supposed to be of an early Alpha build of Amazon's New World MMORPG. While we've reached Amazon Game Studios' PR about this possible leak (it's still rumored as of this writing), we thought we'd rez an old list from just after the game's official announcement in 2016.

The Future's Bright! There's a New World!

Amazon Game Studios have finally revealed their hand and the trio of games they revealed last week didn’t go unnoticed. While I think it’s fair to say the fanfare surrounding the reveal wasn’t rapturous (people don’t yet associate Amazon gaming with, well, gaming) there was certainly a smattering of interest surrounding all three titles, if for nothing more than the emphasis on Twitch integration.

Amazon Game Studios: The Opening Gambit

Following months of speculation, Amazon Game Studios has finally revealed what it’s been working on for the past few years. Surprisingly, it’s not a single launch title that’s been announced at the Unboxing event, with three related titles sharing the stage. All of them have a strong online component, utilised in a way that’s familiar to gamers.