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New World Articles

New World War PTR Test Abruptly Ends After Potential Dev Error, and Players Have Some Opinions

A PTR War with the New World devs to test out Leaderboards abruptly ended after a potential dev error, and the community has some questions.

New World Devs Talk The Behind the Scenes Reasons You Can't 'Just' Add New Features That Fast

The latest New World Forged in Aeternum episode takes us behind the scenes on why some features and changes are faster and why some you can't "just" put in.

New World Sets a Few More Server Merges and the Return of 30-day Server Transfer Cooldown

Next week, New World will merge a handful of servers and revert the cooldown changes on server transfers, returning it to 30 days.

New World Opening the PTR Today To Test Long-Awaited Leaderboards

The New World team is opening up the PTR today for testing its long-awaited Leaderboards.

New World Devs Answer Community Questions on Content, Botting, and More in Forged in Aeternum

With a new Forged in Aeternum video, the New World team answers community questions on content, the pace of fixes and changes, how to better balance weapons, and much more.

New World Update Re-enables Brimstone Sands Drops and Fixes a Number of Issues

New World's latest update brings the Winter Convergence Festival to a close and brings a few fixes to fast travel, rewards, and gear.

New World Team Discusses Designing Bosses, From Narrative to Mechanics

The latest Forged in Aeternum video sees the New World team discuss the process of designing memorable and fun bosses.

New World Announces Next Round of Server Merges Coming Next Week

Next week, New World gets another round of server merges intended to keep active player populations and a healthy economy.

Why the Wait For Cross-Server Outpost Rush? New World Devs Answer in Latest Forged in Aeternum

The latest Forged in Aeternum video for New World answers the question of why cross-server Outpost Rush is taking time to get right, technical considerations, and what bringing cross-server play might mean in the future.

Latest New World Forged In Aeternum Talks Sound Designs, From Chatters To Farts

The latest New World dev video talks to the sound design team about some of the favorite sounds in the MMORPG. The video goes into some of the sound philosophy but also explores some Easter eggs in the game.

 New World Team Discuss Territory, Changes, and What's To Come, Including Faction Control Points

The latest New World Forged in Aeternum episode is about all things territory, including recent changes like the tax system, and what's ahead.

New World Steam Free Weekend Begins Today, 50% Off Sale Returns, and New Azoth Edition is Here

New World  is holding another Steam free weekend starting today, and Amazon is putting the game on sale at a 50% off discount. They've introduced an Azoth Edition, which is like deluxe plus, with a ton of extra cosmetics, and is also included in the sale.

New World Devs Talk Their Favorite Zones and Go Behind the Scenes of Updating The Winter Convergence

The New World team talks their favorite zones in a new Forged in Aeternum episode, and takes us behind the scenes of what it took to create this year's newly revamped and expanded Winter Convergence Festival.

New World Explains Next Server Merges and Re-Enables Trading

The New World team details exploit after re-enabling trading, and clarifies why Return to Aeternum servers are going to merge with Fresh Start Worlds

New World Patches Trading Exploit and Temporarily Reverts Server Transfer Cooldown

New World has a new patch that addresses the recently-discovered Trading Post exploit, though it does not re-enable trading just yet. Other changes addressed crashes and other bugs, as well as temporarily adjusted the server transfer cooldown.