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    Real Life
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    Unreal Engine
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    Early Access
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New Dawn Overview

Terrible pirates land on an unknown island of Southern America at the end of 1800, occupying it with brutality and immorality. These sea men are brutal and pitiless, killing them will be hard!

A new dawn will rise for natives. Their life will change radically and they’ll have to hide and find solution to survive. But every cloud has a silver lining. They will find new defending tools, new building techniques, weapons and tools useful to survive.

New Dawn is a survival sandbox open-world multiplayer, set on an island in pirate age. Main character is a native who builds villages and uses natural resources in order to survive and learns how to defend himself from frequent attacks of pirates who land on the island looking for resources.

  • Buildings | build a tepee that will protect you from cold and rain. You’ll find it will be a very good solution to travel and find new places. You can put it in any place, any time. You can also build: Pit House, a Hogan, Clyastone, a Village (The book building)
  • Tree Climb | you can climb on trees and to hide yourself and to observe enemies.
  • Pirates’ villages | on the island there are pirates’ villages and pirates’ camps rich of loot provenienti from far away places.
  • Hunting | there are several kinds of animals on the island. It will be not easy to kill them because of their fury and their agility. You have to kill only to survive or there will be lack of animals and they will migrate in less crowded places.
  • Slavery system | you can catch pirates and make them slaves. To do this, you have to feed and to cure them or they will die for hunger or illness. A slave will guard and defend his base and he has to be feed and equipped.