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Neverwinter Articles

Neverwinter Jewel of the North Preview

We got hands-on with Neverwinter's new Bard Class in the Jewel of the North module and spoke with Randy Mosiondz, Lead Designer, on some of the changes coming soon.

Neverwinter Gets Busy with Acquisitions Incorporated

Neverwinter’s next module is going to be a bit different than the norm. The Heart of Fire is created in collaboration with Penny Arcade's Acquisitions Incorporated D&D campaign. It has stories and voice over from Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins plus Amy Falcone, it’s a more lighthearted journey through famous locales across the Forgotten Realms. We had a chance to play the campaign’s opening mission at PAX West.

The Shroud of Souls Launches Today on PC

Today marks the release of the latest update for Neverwinter on the PC, as the Shroud of Souls launches. Following the events of the Cloaked Ascendency, the Shroud of Souls will take players into a twisted mirror version of the city of Neverwinter. On top of all the new story updates, there are big quality of life improvements, new guild content, new stronghold updates, and a new story arc following the adventures in the River District.

One Last Port Call

Neverwinter makes the jump to PS4. Read on for Rob’s impressions on this MMORPG on the most popular console of this generation.

The Maze Engine - A Well-Crafted Work of Art

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment are ready to unleash the next in an ongoing series of expansions to Neverwinter, this time called The Maze Engine that is set to hit live servers on Tuesday, March 15th. The ninth content expansion is something of which the team behind it is very, very proud as exemplified by Producers Dennis Adams and Ben Bascom. We managed to score a tour of The Maze Engine and to talk to the team about why this one is so important.

Preview - Tyranny of Dragons

Dragons. They’re not the kindest of creatures. That goes doubly so when evil-doing cultists decide to whisper to them. Thankfully, in Neverwinter, you were born to be a hero for times just such as this. There’s a lot coming with the game’s next module, Tyranny of Dragons, and we were lucky enough to have Executive Producer, Rob Overmeyer, take us on a guided tour. If you’re a current player or a curious newcomer, this is a module you won’t want to miss.

An Exclusive Look at The Curse of Icewind Dale

The Curse of Icewind Dale is set to be Neverwinter’s third free expansion (or module), and it’s due out this Spring. Packed to the gills with new content, gear, quests, and loads of PVP, we spoke with Development Producer Rob Overmeyer of Cryptic about all things Icewind Dale.

Character Progression & Crafting Preview

Over the last weekend, Neverwinter players were able to check out crafting for the first time and also got a look at the newly overhauled Skill and Feat acquisition panels. See what we discovered during our time in game and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Helm's Hold Dungeon & PvP Domination

During a special press event held on Tuesday, we had the opportunity to range about with Cryptic developers to check out a level thirty dungeon and took part in some Domination PvP action. Find out more after the jump and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Taking the Control Wizard for a Spin

Over this past weekend's Neverwinter beta event, the Control Wizard was added to the class selection for players. We checked out the Control Wizard and have a few thoughts to share. See what you think and then join the conversation in the comments.

Icespire Peak Zone Preview

Cryptic Studios has teamed up with MMORPG.com to bring our readers a first look at the Neverwinter Icespire Peak zone of the game. Read up on the lore and check out our exclusive video.

Off to a Good Start

With the first Neverwinter beta weekend behind us, we take a look back at our experiences in the Forgotten Realms and review the answers to questions we had before we played. Of course, with every answer came three new questions. See what we came up with before adding your thoughts in the comments.

The Guardian Fighter Takes the Tank

The Guardian Fighter "Takes the Tank", if not the cake. We dove deep into the nooks and crannies of Neverwinter yesterday, and tried out three of the game's five classes in the process. Suzie took on the Guardian Fighter, Neverwinter's tank class. See what she thought of the class beyond the break.

Delving Into The Cloak Tower

Continuing our Neverwinter theme, we managed to get a guided tour of one of the game's multiplayer dungeons, The Cloak Tower. Packed with mini-bosses and a bad ass at the end, read all about our adventures in dungeoneering.

Stabbity with the Trickster Rogue

We dove deep into the nooks and crannies of Neverwinter yesterday, and tried out three of the game's five classes in the process. Garrett took on the Trickster Rogue, Neverwinter's sneaky class. See what he thought of the class beyond the break.