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Neverwinter Devs Reveal the Design of the Mad Mage from Undermountain

By Suzie Ford on April 22, 2019 | News | 0

Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage, is the architect of the magic-infused Undermountain lair. Every room and hallway has been imbued with his magic and those traveling its subterranean hallways will occasionally run into him as he roams in his domain. In a new dev blog, Lead Character Artist Jonathan Nascone writes about how Blackcloak's attire and animations were designed to give him the lonely hermit appearance that will be seen when Undermountain launches.

With such great effort going into Halaster, our design and art team have worked hard to ensure that Halaster’s presence is seen and felt throughout Undermountain. Whether he’s walking the levels of Undermoutain or watching adventurers trying to take on his apprentices in the Lair, you’ll be sure to see Halaster around!

Read the full dev blog on the Neverwinter site.


Suzie Ford

Suzie is the former Associate Editor and News Manager at MMORPG.com. Follow her on Twitter @MMORPGMom