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Neverwinter Articles

Interview: Talking Neverwinter's Temple of the Spider With Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter's Temple of the Spider has seen a revamp alongside today's launch of Northdark Reaches, the latest module in the MMO. We chatted with Cryptic Studios to talk about the new revamped dungeon and what players can expect.

Interview: Talking Rothé Valley, Revamping And More In Neverwinter With Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons-themed MMO from Cryptic Studios, recently? re-released one of its original leveling zones, the Rothé Valley. We had the chance to chat with Neverwinter's Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz and Content Designer Eliot Minner about the process and approach to these older content revamps.

Interview: Talking Neverwinter's Dragonslayer Module With Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter's Dragonslayer update launches today, and we had the chance to talk about the upcoming update with the Cryptc team.

Interview: Talking Neverwinter's Sharandar Episode 2 'The Soul Keeper' With Senior Game Designer Noah Holmes

Neverwinter is set to release Sharandar's second episode: The Soul Keeper soon, and with it comes a new Heroic Encounter named Waking Nightmares. In this new encounter, players will work together to free trapped adventurers from a swarth of undead before facing off with The Keeper of Nightmares. This time we sat down with Noah Holmes, Senior Game Designer of Neverwinter, to hear more about this encounter and the planning process behind these events.

Neverwinter Interview: Talking Sharandar With Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz

On February 9th, the team from Cryptic Studios will release Sharandar, the latest module for their MMORPG Neverwinter. We sat down with Randy Mosiondz, Lead Designer for Neverwinter to learn about the return to the lands of the Iliyanbruen Elves and the struggles in New Sharandar.

Neverwinter - The Redeemed Citadel Interview

On October 13th, Neverwinter released the third Milestone in their ongoing Avernus campaign named The Redeemed Citadel. When Avernus released, the team over at Cryptic Studios sat down to talk with us about the expansion, and now that this new Milestone is available, in this exclusive interview, we had a chance to talk with the team about what players can expect out of the new three star Hunt Mark, and their brand new Heroic Challenge "Ensnared".

Diving into Avernus: An Interview With The Neverwinter Team

Recently, Neverwinter's latest content update, Avernus, has hit consoles and PC. Jonathan was able to catch up with the team behind Neverwinter for some insight about the content update.

Lead Designer Thomas Foss on Neverwinter: Undermountain

Neverwinter recently grew with the Undermountain content expansion. Undermountain brings some huge changes to the game with classes being retooled and much more. We chatted with Lead Designer Thomas Foss about Undermountain and what it brings to the community.

Our Chat with Thomas Foss About Cloaked Ascendancy

Neverwinter PC players are able to take part in The Cloaked Ascendancy with console players will be able to play in April. We had the opportunity to chat with Lead Designer Thomas Foss to learn more about the new content and a bit of a hint about what's coming next for Neverwinter.

The PlayStation 4 Launch Day Interview

Neverwinter has hit the ground running with the release of the game on PlayStation 4. We had the chance to talk with Producer Ben Bascom about the move to PS4 and consoles in general. See what he had to say in our exclusive interview.

The Maze Engine, Retooled Dungeons & More

Neverwinter will be expanding again soon with The Maze Engine. We took the opportunity to speak with Lead Designer Scott Shicoff to find out more about the retooled dungeons and to learn more about the Maze Engine itself. Read on!

A Chat with RA Salvatore About Underdark and D&D Storytelling

Last week we got the chance to talk with renowned fantasy and D&D author R.A. Salvatore. Salvatore is responsible for some of the best Dungeons and Dragons fiction ever written. He is also the writer who put dark elves on the map with his famous stories about Drizzt Do’Urden. Recently, while finishing up his latest novel, Salvatore took up the chance to write a quest line for Perfect World’s D&D MMO Neverwinter.

Stronghold Sieges - 20 to 30 Minutes of PvP Mayhem

A few weeks ago we had a walkthrough of the new Strongholds expansion for Neverwinter. At that time Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer teased Stronghold Siege. This week we get more in depth on the new PvP feature with Senior Content Designer John Hopler. Read on to find out what John had to say.

Strongholds - A Large Update Focused on Guilds

On Wednesday afternoon I had a conference call with Rob Overmeyer, Executive Producer for Neverwinter, and Alex Monney, Communications Manager with Perfect World. During that time Rob took me on a guided preview of what players can expect when Neverwinter launches their newest module, Strongholds, later this summer.

XBOX One - Future Content & Upgrades

With the XB1 version of Neverwinter firmly in place, Cryptic Studios is ready to start talking about the future and forthcoming updates. Rob Lashley had the opportunity to send a few questions Rob Overmeyer's way to find out more.