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Neverwinter Articles

Port to XBox One Done Right

Hey there MMORPG fans, Terry here, coming at you with a review of Neverwinter on the X-BONE. Full disclosure, I have a couple of hundred hours logged into the PC version of the game, so there is not a lot here that surprised me, as far as gameplay and plot goes, but that's really a GOOD thing, because it means that the 'port to Xbox was done right!

The Ranger We've Been Waiting For

It comes as no surprise to most that the first new class to be added to Cryptic's Neverwinter is the much asked-for Ranger. We had the opportunity to check out the Ranger and to talk with Andy Velasquez about Chapter 2: Shadowmantle. See what we found out before heading to the comments.

Delving Into Fury of the Feywild

Fury of the Feywild is Neverwinter's first major content expansion that brings new features, a couple of new races and the new "campaign system" into the game. We've got some impressions to share from our time in the game. See what we've got to say before heading to the comments to tell us about your experiences.

Beta Diary #4

In our final beta diary, we take a look at Neverwinter's Crown Jewel, The Foundry. In addition, we examine the Catursday nightmare and offer a few random "etcetera" thoughts about the game that defy categorization. Read on and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Open Beta Diary #3

As we continue our journey through Neverwinter, we come to the third installment of our Beta Diary. This week, we take a closer look at the Neverwinter cash shop and game currencies as well as PvP. Check it out before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

Beta Diary #2

After spending the last week adventuring through Neverwinter during the open beta, we've got more to say about Cryptic Studios' magnum opus. This week, we take a look at questing, combat and overall aesthetics. Read on and then tell us about your experiences in the comments.

Open Beta Diary #1

Neverwinter has entered the "soft launch" and is primed and ready to go for our open beta diary series. We'll be spending the next several weeks playing and reporting on Neverwinter and any changes incoming with the arrival of the open beta. Check out today's installment before heading to the comments to discuss your experiences.

Thoughts from Beta Weekend 2

With the second Neverwinter beta weekend behind us, we've got some thoughts to share about the Good, the Bad and the Wait and See. Check out our thoughts before joining the conversation in the comments.