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    Unreal Engine
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    Phosphor Games Studio
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Nether Overview

Nether is a single-purchase MMO shooter set in a post apocalyptic real world where man must fight with and against each other to survive against a growing threat known as the Nethers. A huge sprawing city of several hundred blocks is populated with accessible buildings (including skyscrapers for huge vantage points and sniper spots). A mix of PVE and PVP keeps players on their toes, as this survival game is "always on" PVP, so you never know who your enemy or friends are.


  • Urban Horror Survival | The Nethers aren't zombies. They're smart, unique from each other monsters that will seek and kill the player in a variety of ways. But what's more horrific is knowing who's friend and who's foe.
  • Resource Scavenging and Crafting | Find ways to survive, craft items to wield, and keep your heart pumping.
  • World Objectives | Overarching goals for the entire server to work towards, like a server-wide quest.
Early Access Ends, Now In Full Release Via Steam

Fans of Nether who were unable to participate in the early access program will want to head to Steam to pick up the full retail copy of the game. The game sells for just $14.99 on Steam and purchase will reward players with the ability to play as a Nether and some other in-game loot.

Downright Enjoyable for Survival Fans

Nether is a first-person shooter survival game set in a claustrophobic city with multiple levels of buildings, rooftops and subways, littered with detailed scenes of horror which tell a bit of the terrifying story of the world. Stumbling through the dark to come across a pile of bloody skeletons, the little details help put your mindset in the same place as the creators’ and really manages to deliver the uneasy feeling that the nether brings.

Crafting & Creature Mode Added

The Nether team is all about making sure that players have tons of features to keep them occupied. In the latest update, both creature mode and crafting were added to the survival game. In creature mode, players can take on the role of a monster and lay waste to the city streets.