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Necropolis Articles

Limited Time Brutal Edition on Sale at a Discount

Harebrained Schemes has a special edition of Necropolis available on Steam for 20% off the normal price. The Brutal Edition features a new character, a brand new biome to discover, fifty procedural modules, new enemies with better spawning and AI, new gear and items, better weapon and codex information and more.

Steam Launch is a Go!

Necropolis has hit the ground running thanks to today's launch on Steam. Players can take on the "permadeath 3D Action Roguelike" four-player coop game for $29.99. While today's launch is PC only, console versions are in the plan and will launch at a later date.

Death Jam Live Stream Event to Feature Twitch Celebs

Harebrained Schemes and Bandai Namco have partnered with Twitch partner Hyper Rabbit Power Go to bring a special Necropolis live stream event to the world on Saturday, July 9th from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm Pacific / 1:00 pm - 1:00 am Eastern. Called Necropolis Co-Op Death Jam, the event will feature several Twitch and YouTube 'stars' including ManVsGame, Jessica Marzipan, Margaret Krohn, Team Main Menu and others.

Collector's Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

Bandai Namco, Harebrained Schemes and Battletech PC have announced a new partnership agreement with iam8bit to bring a physical Collector's Edition of Necropolis to gamers everywhere. The CE is available for pre-order for $50 via the iam8bit shop. The CE comes as a vinyl soundtrack that also includes a game code.

A Dark Souls-esque Gameplay Experience

The Brazen Head is about to put you through the ringer in a new Dark Souls-esque gameplay experience with Necropolis. Just remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try and try and try and try again.

Launch Day Moved to Summer 2016 for Multiplatform Release

Harebrained Schemes has announced that Necropolis will not be making its PC Steam debut next month as originally planned so as to bring about a simultaneous multi-platform release in the summer of 2016. While Harebrained will continue to be the named publisher of Necropolis's PC version, Namco-Bandai will take on publication of both the PlayStation 4 and XBox One versions.

Co-Op, Crafting, and More with Mitch Gitelman

Necropolis is an upcoming Action game with roguelike trappings, akin to the ever-popular games Dark Souls and Bloodborne. But Necropolis approaches the genre with a bit more humor, a little more irreverence, and a lot more dynamically generated dungeon romping. Read on for our interview with Harebrained Schemes’ Co-Founder and Studio Manager, Mitch Gitelman.

Release Announced for March 17th

Harebrained Schemes has announced that its 3D action roguelike game, Necropolis, will be released on March 17, 2016. Fans will be able to preorder the game on Steam starting February 2nd.

PAX Prime 2015 – A Fully Procedural Dark Souls

The title of this article might seem like it’s doing Harebrained’s Necropolis a disservice by comparing it to FROM’s vaunted series, but it’s probably the most apt way to describe the game. The combination of skill-based combat and ever-changing Necropolis layouts make the studios Action RPG something truly special and unique.