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Nebula Online Overview

Nebula Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, with events that unfold during the space expansion and the formation of interracial relations. The player is not cramped in a choice of behaviors and is free to follow any style of play: from peaceful merchant and charming diplomat to intoxicated and bloodthirty aggressor and despotic master of stellar systems.

  • Battles | Participate in global space battles in real time.
  • Game system | Experience full loot PvP.
  • Game Races | Play for any of the three races that are in a state of large-scale war: for young but technologically well developed people, for borguzands who chose biological way of development or for kriptizids whose society consists of genetically modified clones and robots.
  • Space Explorations | Fly between the stars, discover new galaxies, Land on planets to explore them.
  • Game ecomony | Found your trade empire, discover new resources and profit from the player driven economy.
  • Craft & Engineering |Craft your own unique ships, build various useful structures, such as orbital resource extractors and military forts, to help supply and protect captured star systems.
  • Game resources | Game has a large amount of different resources. To gather some it would be enough to have a drilling machine on board, for others you might have to build entire orbital stations..
Nebula Online - No Cash Shop, No Hidden Costs & F2P

This leads me to my weekend Kickstarter discovery. While doing my weekly browse through Kickstarter I came across a hardcore sci-fi space MMORPG that has raised $10,000CAD. The game is called Nebula Online.