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Meet the Discordia Terminators

In today's Mythos developer diary, fans are introduced to the Discordia Terminators whose sole job is to eliminate the forces of Discordia sworn to bring savagery, disorder and chaos to the lands of Uld. Check out some brand new screens along with information about the Discordia Terminators.

Developer Diary #2: : Bloodbristle Heath

In the latest developer diary from Redbana, the second area confirmed for Mythos is the Bloodbristle Heath. Bloodbristle Heath is the home of the goblins in an unforgiving and barren land. Two factions of goblins inhabit the area and it is the adventurer's goal to bring them to heel. To do so, some divine intervention is necessary. Read on!

Developer Diary #1: Stonehill Grove

MMORPG.com is pleased to host the first developer diary from the Redbana, the dev team behind Mythos. Mythos is soon to enter its closed beta phase of development and RedBana has sent along a zone preview of the Stonehill Grove.