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    7 Roads
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    01/17/18 (01/17/2019)
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Mythic Glory Overview

Be amazed as you take your first steps in the world of Mythic Glory - a brand new MMORPG where you’ll become part of a living, breathing world, alongside hundreds of other players. Take on dungeons, fight bosses, participate in guild fights and PVP, or just hang out in your favorite corner of the world and chat with friends! A brand new adventure awaits you in Mythic Glory today!


  • A fully fledged single player questline, with an exciting and memorable story
  • Customizable heroes, collectible weapons and gear, legendary artifacts, & more!
  • A huge and detailed world to explore.
  • Social guilds, PVP, and cooperative dungeons - play with friends!
  • Let Your Spirit Grow | Control the forces of undeath in Mythic Glory – Play for FREE today.
  • Legends Awaken! | Customize your character today in Mythic Glory – FREE MMORPG!
  • Heroes Rise! | Mythic Glory offers you a brand new adventure in a world of fantasy magic – Play FREE!
  • Party Down! | Free your soul and fight alongside mythical heroes in a quest for glory – Play now!.
  • Take your place among champions! | Start an exciting new adventure in the realm of heroes. Explore a vast world and join other players as you fight together!
Open Beta Set to Kick Off on January 17th

R2 Games has sent word that its browser-based MMO, Mythic Glory, will be entering its open beta phase of development on Wednesday, January 17th. It is considered a fully-featured MMO with GvG, PvP, boss fights and more.

Sponsored Introducing R2 Games' Mythic Glory (Sponsored)

Mythic Glory is R2 Games' latest addition to its ever-growing stable of online MMOs. Now in open alpha, players can join in the fun, grow characters and not have to worry about any future wipes as the game moves forward. So what is Mythic Glory? Sit on back and we'll tell you.