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Mytheon Articles

New Egypt Pack Released

When Petroglyph re-released Mytheon on Steam last month, it came as a surprise to many. Continuing the surprises, devs have announced the release of a new DLC that takes place in Egypt. New players can grab the main game and the DLC for $8.99 or the Egypt DLC alone for $3.74.

Reborn on Steam as a B2P Title

MMOs.com has uncovered a little gem of information about Mytheon, Petroglyph's foray into MMOs that launched in 2011 after less than a year of live service between beta and launch. Mytheon has now been reborn on Steam with Petroglyph adding former game shop items to the loot tables and sporting a more-than-reasonable $4.00 price tag for the time being.

Official Launch Arrives

UTV True Games has announced that its action-MMOG, Mytheon, has officially hit retail release. Mytheon can be downloaded and played for free from the official site.

Open Beta Begins

UTV True Games has announced that the open beta for the action MMORPG, Mytheon, has commenced. Mytheon is being developed in house by UTV True Games after initially being developed by Petroglyph Games. At this time, there is no scheduled end date for the open beta.

Zeus On a Rampage

In a new Mytheon cinematic trailer released by UTV True Games, Zeus, king of the pantheon, is quite unhappy with mankind and is ready to rumble.

Beta Key Grab Event!

MMORPG.com has been given 2,000 beta keys for Mytheon - an exciting new MMORPG based on ancient mythology and featuring many unique gaming features. Get your key now while supplies last!

Closed Beta Redux

UTV True Games has announced that the Mytheon closed beta is scheduled to begin today. The original closed beta shut down in early fall 2010 due to legal wrangling between then-developer Petroglyph Games and UTVTG. Since then, development has been taken over in-house at UTV True Games. Former closed beta testers will be treated to VIP perks and others are also being included in the CBT.

Class Video Released

UTV True Games has released a brand new video featuring the classes in Mytheon. Mytheon is a strategy-roleplaying game formerly under development at Petroglyph Games but now being finished in-house by UTV True Games. Mytheon is scheduled to reopen beta testing in the near future.

Closed Beta Ready to Relaunch

UTV True Games has announced that the closed beta for its action-MMO, Mytheon, is slated to resume later this month. The original closed beta was shut down in September during a swirling legal battle between UTV True Games and original developer Petroglyph Games. A byproduct of the legal wrangling was that Petroglyph stopped production on Mytheon and development was turned over to UTV True Games' in-house dev team.

Lawsuit Resolved, Launch Date Announced

The lawsuit between Mytheon publisher True Games and developer Petroglyph has been resolved by way of a "mutual agreement", clearing the way for the MMO to move forward, and it is moving forward indeed! True Games and Petroglyph have announced today that Mytheon will be launching on Tuesday, July 13th, so be sure to pencil that in on your calendars.

Game on Mac: Mytheon iPhone Game Giveaway

Our sister site Game on Mac has partnered with True Games and Petroglyph to offer readers a chance to win a free download of Mytheon: Assault of Gaia, a new iPhone game based on the upcoming Mytheon MMO.

True Games Sues Petroglyph over Source Code

True Games, the publisher of Mytheon, is suing Mytheon developers Petroglyph due to the fact that Petroglyph has failed to produce a Gold Master for Mytheon by the designated deadline and is refusing to turn over the game's source code to True Games so that they can proceed on their own. The deadline was previously set at November 15th, 2009, but was then moved to February 1st, 2010, which was also missed.

Open Beta Kicks Off with New Events

True Games Interactive and Petroglyph have announced that their action-strategy MMORPG Mytheon has now entered open beta. To commemorate this milestone event, True Games is running a three day event where players can win an assortment of prizes including a new Aliewnare M11x laptop, iPods, iTunes cards and more.

Beta Prize Event Keys!

Come play Mytheon with the developers and enter to win an iPad, exclusive power stones for launch, and other cool items! Any MMORPG.com readers who have received and consumed a beta key (past or present-we will provide news ones to you) would be entered for these prizes if they come play in game with us on Friday, April 23rd any time between 7 PM CST and 10 PM CST:

Open Beta Begins Next Week

True Games Interactive has announced that their mythology based action MMORPG, Mytheon, will begin open beta testing next week on Wednesday, April 28. "Champions of Mytheon" a limited time premium package that offers players lifetime access to discounted currency, "premium offerings," exclusive, one-time only items, sneak previews of unreleased content, and early access to the game. "Champions of Mytheon" will be available for purchase in May.