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Myth War Online Articles

New Screenshots

The folks at Myth War II have sent over several new screenshots from the recently listed MMORPG, Myth War II.

Triple Rewards for Promoter System

IGG has announced that rewards for their promotion system will be tripled during their Summer Carnival Events in Myth War.

Version 2.0 Highlights

IGG has prepared a list of highlights for version 2.0 of Myth War Online.

New Edition Features Preview

IGG has provided a peek at the features of the newest version of Myth War Online.

In-game Olympic Torch Relay

IGG will be holding an event based on the Olympic torch relay in Myth War Online.

Guild Tournament

IGG has announced that they will be holding a Guild Tournament in Myth War Online.

Item Mall Sale

In honor of the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, the Myth War item mall will be holding a 30% off sales promotion from now until February 15th.

Player Appreciation

The folks at Myth War Online are asking players to post their favorite works of the year on the Myth War forums so that the team can choose winners from a variety of different categories, including Most Creative Work of the Year, and Most Popular Player of the Year.

Birthday Bonuses

Myth War Online is currently running a promotion where players will receive a discount on certain item mall transactions if they go shopping on their Birthday.

Christmas Carnival

IGG has announced details of their month long Christmas celebration event that is currently underway in Myth War Online.

Holiday GM Events

IGG has published information about upcoming GM run holiday events that will be held in Myth War.

Christmas Events

The people at Myth War have announced their in-game Christmas activities.

Christmas Events

IGG has announced that they will be holding a series of Christmas events in Myth War Online's item mall.

Be Friendly to Newbie Event

IGG has announced that they will be holding an event in Myth War Online that is designed to encourage players to be kind to new players, where GMs will pose as newbies and reward players who give them help.

Thanksgiving Celebration

IGG has announced their plans for holding Thanksgiving events all this month in Myth War Online.