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Myth War 2 Articles

Free Keys For Newbie Packs

MMORPG.com and IGG are pleased to present our community with a special gift key giveaway offer for Myth War 2. These keys can be used with a new account and will give new players all kind of great in game goodies!

Pet Enchanting Overview

IGG has posted details of the Pet Enchanting System in Myth War II.

Patron Saint Guide

IGG has posted a guide to choosing a patron saint for you guild in Myth War II.

VIP Pet Guide

The folks at Myth War II have posted a guide to the game's VIP pets.

A Look at Pet Attributes

The folks at Myth War II have posted a look at attributes for the game's 200+ pet.

Hints for a Happy Rebirth

IGG has posted tips for Myth War II players wishing to use the game's rebirth system effectively.

2-Rebirth Quest Guide

IGG has published a guide to 2-Rebirth quests in Myth War II.

The Story of Rebirth

IGG has revealed the back story behind the rebirth system in Myth War II.

New Version On February 19th

IGG has announced that the next update for Myth War II will arrive on February 19th.

Valentine's Day Events

IGG has announced a series of events to celebrate Valentine's day in Myth War II.

Spring festival Event

IGG has announced details of the Spring festival Event in Myth War II to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Myth War III in the Works

IGG has announced that they are working on a third game in the Myth War series, Myth War II, which is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Equipment Splitting System

The folks at IGG have posted an introduction to the Equipment Splitting System in Myth War Online, which allows players to recover valuable materials from obsolete equipment.

Client Update and Dragon Server

IGG has posted an update on the latest version of Myth War II and announced the addition of a new server.

Dragon Pet Overview

IGG has published details of the various Dragon Pets that are available to players in Myth War II.