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    USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.
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    Q4 2010
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Myth Angels Online Overview

Myth Angels Online was a continuation of the Angels Online MMO developed by USERJOY. The game was free-to-play with an item shop and retained the cute 2D anime style of its predecessor. Myth Online was based on Greek mythology and offered the four classes of Warrior, Hunter, Master and Pastor, and featured instanced dungeons and pet troops as well as arcade-styled gameplay.

Angel Boss Challenge

As the end of the closed beta test for Myth Angels Online approaches, developers have announced an event called the Angel Boss Challenge. During the event, players will have the opportunity to win a half-million Angel Silvers, the in-game currency. Players are encouraged to play the event, take a screenshot and submit it to the dev team. The ultimate prize is awarded to the player who brings down the final boss.

Closed Beta Key Handout!

MMORPG.com is working with USERJOY to give away 2,000 keys for Myth Angels Online that will give players awesome in-game items. Moreover, USERJOY is hosting a Facebook event where you can have a chance to win a 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor. Do not hesitate! Get your key now!