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EXCLUSIVE: MXM Launch Day Interview with NCSOFT's Sean Orlikowski

Master x Master is NCSoft’s first foray into the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Genre. It finally launches today. We took some time to talk to Sean Orlikowski, Brand Manager for MxM and the voice behind several Shugos, to find out more about the game.

5 Reasons Why MXM Is The Best MOBA

MXM is (subjectively) better than every other MOBA! TheHiveLeader is here to give you 5 reasons why! Yeah, this'll go over well... For more on MXM, visit MMORPG.com! Master X Master or MXM for short, is an Action MOBA with a revolutionary TAG system—which allows you to swap between two characters mid-combat— multiplying your depth of strategy. With a diverse selection of 30 powerful Masters to choose from —including brand new characters as well as a selection of k