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MXM: Master X Master Articles

MXM Shutting Down - 'It Came Down to a Matter of Business"

NCSoft has posted a sad not for fans of Master X Master. MXM will be closing down on January 31, 2018. The reason cited is cold, but plain, "Deciding to close the game is not a decision we come to lightly, but ultimately it came down to a matter of business -- we explored several options, but none of them were sustainable."

New Support Master & Game Mode Added in Latest Update

MXM has been updated with a new Master and a new game mode called Natium Defense Line. The latter challenges coop teams to an "incredibly difficult challenge" to defend their base against increasingly large and more difficult waves of enemies. This is a cooperative and competitive activity that features ladderboards and special monthly rewards.

Ranked Preseason Kicks Off Today, New Master Previewed

NCSoft is ready to kick off competitive play in MXM. Beginning today, the preseason for ranked play begins and will run for approximately four weeks. Competitive Season One will start on August 16th. During competitive play, nodes will be "twice as powerful and completely change the game's already strategic action".

Unlock Rytlock in MXM with This Code

If you love Guild Wars 2 and Rytlock and MXM, do we have a treat for you! Just use the code you'll find after the jump and you can unlock the big guy for free!

Launch Day Announced for June 21st

NCSoft has announced that Master X Master, or MXM, will be officially launching on June 21st. The team has taken feedback from the closed beta test in order to make some changes to the game prior to the release of the game in the coming weeks. To celebrate the big news, players can check out a brand new trailer.

Founder's Packs Detailed, Beta Begins

MXM (Master x Master) has officially kicked off beta testing that will run through April 27th. Testers will be able to check out a number of new or improved features including PvE stages, mini-games, PvP battles and much more. In addition, NCSoft announced the prices for Founder's Packs that all contain varying amounts of in-game items and more.

Founder's Pack Giveaway!

We've got MXM: Master X Master Founder's Packs to give away. These include six Recruit Packs, three Soldier packs, and one Master pack.

Closed Beta Begins April 6th, Sign Ups Still Open

NCSoft sent out word via Twitter that the next round of closed beta testing for MxM (Master x Master) will be kicking off on Thursday, April 6th. Sign ups are still open on the official site as well.

City of Heroes Statesman Lives Again & Closed Beta Dated

NCSoft is bringing an iconic City of Heroes character into Master X Master (MXM). Statesman will be added to MXM just in time for the first closed beta event from April 6th through 27th. Statesman is a PARAGON of virtue, a melee juggernaut that specializes in damage mitigation -- just the right person for your tanking needs.

Titan's Ruin Play Test Event Begins Today

NCSoft will be kicking off the next Master X Master (MXM) play test event beginning at 1:00 pm Pacific / 4:00 pm Eastern today. During the event, players will be running the Titan Ruins and participating in Ranked Mode with level requirements for both lifted and all Masters unlocked for testing.

Next Playtest Coming Nov 22-28 With Focus on Ranked PvP

NCSoft has announced that the next Master X Master (MXM) play test event will be held from November 22nd through November 28th. During the event, players will assist the development team with Ranked PvP activities.

Alpha Playtest 3 Begins Today with Mini-Games Added

The thirst alpha playtest of NCSoft's MXM begins later today. It comes packed with tons of improvements based on player feedback from the past events. Players can also find French / German localized versions and the new mini-games.

Alpha Playtest 3 Key Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given alpha test keys for MXM that will get you into the next alpha text scheduled for August 25-31, beginning at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and closing at 4 p.m. on the 31st. This test will be the first time players get to check out the Mini Games mode and Guild Wars 2 Ascalon event stage, and will also include the same great PvE stages and PvP modes as previous tests. Get your key now and get in the game!

Next Alpha Play Test Slated for August 4-8

The next MXM alpha play test dates have been announced. Players holding keys can take part in Alpha Play Test 2 from Thursday, August 4th to Monday, August 8th.

Kat the Cat from Lineage II Profiled in New Masters Video

NCSoft West has sent out a pair of new videos to introduce MXM players to two new masters, Kat the Cat from Lineage II and V-Merang.