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MU Online Articles

Mu Online's New Speed Acadia Server is Open to All

MU Online's new Speed Arcadia Server is now open to all players. Here's the scoop.

MU Online Season 14: Part 2 Now Live

Season 14 Part 2 is now live for MU Online. Here are the details.

MU Online Season 14: Part 2 Arrives February 18

Season 14 Part 2 will hit MU Online on February 18 bringing with it several new features.

MU Online Announces Server Merge and Monster Hunting Festival

Mu Online announced its server merge and Monster Hunting Festival.

MU ORIGIN 2 Receiving New Holy Mage Class with 2.0 Update

In a new press release, Mu Origin 2 was revealed to receive a new Holy Mage class with their 2.0 update, along with costumes, features, and Master Skills.

MU Origin’s v10.0 Content Update Live

MU Origin has a new update, v10.0, live now.

MU Online's Speed Event Server: Season 5, New Rune Mage Class Coming August 6

MU Online's Speed Event Server pre-registration is live now, with a new rune mage class arriving August 6.

MU ORIGIN 2 Content Update for Patch v1.3 Adds Guild Sacred Creature for Powerful Buffs

MU ORIGIN 2, the mobile MMORPG spin-off of Korean MMORPG MU Online from developer Webzen, received patch 1.3 today bringing with it the new Guild Sacred Creature.

MU Online's Tenth Anniversary Event Begins with Special Event Rewards & More

MU Online is pulling out all the stops for its tenth anniversary event with prizes, special anniversary boxes for all players and much more. Players will be able to collect Summoning Scroll Fragments that can be used to create Evomon Summoning Scrolls used to summon an Evomon. There are a number of in-game shop deals as well, including discounts on Goblin Points and the 10th Anniversary Premium Boxes.

MU Online Updated with Season 13: Part 2

MU Online players can swing into the game to check out all of the new content that's just arrived with Season 13: Part 2. Players will find a new level cap of 1050, new Mastery Accessory items, the Rage Fighter's Archangel weapon, the Maze of Dimension rework, Maze of Dimensions League and a ton of bug fixes and QoL updates.

MU Online Season 13: Part 2 to Launch on March 5th

Webzen has sent word that the next major content update for MU Online will be heading out the gate on March 5th. Players can expect "a host of new features" from Season 13: Part 2 including a level cap increase, a new Mastery Accessory Item, the Rage Fighter's Archangel Weapon, the Maze of Dimension Rework and many other improvements.

Season 12 Part 2 to Launch Tomorrow

Webzen has sent word that MU Online will be launching Season 12: Part 2 tomorrow, Tuesday, November 5th. Players can look forward to 4th Class Quests, a 4th class skill enhancement tree, Master Skill tree renewal, a new Deep Dungeon map and the Guide Quest System. In addition, the new Eldorado server will launch tomorrow.

Speed Event Server Season 2 Opens

From now through August 8th, MU Online players can join Speed Event Server Season 2 for a whopping 20,000% increased experience. In addition, players will receive items to assist in leveling if that amount of experience isn't enough.

Speed Event Server Coming July 11th, PreRegistrations Open

Webzen has announced that it has opened preregistration for a special MU Online speed event server "season 2" scheduled for July 11th. During the event, players will be able to take advantage of a massive XP boost to take their characters as far as they can before July 18th when the event ends. Items earned during the testing period will be wiped but character progress will be saved. Additionally, players taking part will be rewarded with "special items" according to the level they earned.

Limited Time Speed Event Server Opens

Webzen has sounded the starting whistle on the brand new MU Online Speed Event Server. From now through November 1st, players creating a character on the special limited time server will be racing to level 600 with an XP boost as well as a 900% drop rate increase. Players will also receive a billion Zen and an increased drop rate for class-upgrade quests.