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Mu Legend Articles

MU Legend Heads Through the Gates of Glory with Its New Content Expansion

MU Legend has received a new content expansion. Called Gates of Glory, the expansion brings a number of new features into the game including the Black Phantom class, a powerful female mage that is a specialist in AoE damage.

MU Legend Updated with Chaos Castle to Bring Battle Royale-esque PvP Action on Board

Webzen has announced that MU Legend has been updated with the Chaos Castle patch that brings new PvP action into the game. In Chaos Castle, up to 50 players will fight on an ever-shrinking map to become the last player standing. The event takes place two times per day.

Webzen Announces Official Release & Steam Launch

Webzen has announced that MU Legend is now in "official release" and is also available on Steam. Launch day arrives with a big content updated called Noria that comes with an entirely new continent to explore, new quests and dungeons, "exceptional rewards", improved leveling, the revamped pet system, Airship Defense, the talisman system and much more.

Spellbinder Class Zaps Into Game

Webzen has sent word that the Spellbinder class has officially entered the fray in MU Legend. The Spellbinder is the game's fifth class and provides players with new ways to experience the game. She is adept at both PvE and PvP with wide-area CC and "devastating direct hits to enemies".

Spellbinder Class to be Released on March 20th

Webzen will be updating MU Legend on March 20th that will come complete with the new Spellbinder class. In addition, a new dungeon will be added to challenge high-end players. New Daily Missions for the Room of Duty are incoming with others providing Dukan's Proofs to allow players to complete any two sets of armor. These armor sets can be found at the daily-mission vendor.

Spellbinder Class to be Added in March

Webzen has announced that MU Legend will be receiving a new class in March 2018. Called the Spellbinder, the class is considered a support mage using psychic powers to use AoE effects that can confuse enemies. To show off her abilities, you can check out the new video Webzen released.

Faction Wars Update to be Released on January 9th

Webzen will be bringing new content to MU Legend open beta users with the release of the faction Wars update on January 9th. The new content allows guilds to challenge one another "for the ascendancy of the server and to prove which fellow players' supremacy will rule over the server".

Ready to Rumble? PvP Content is Coming Next Week

If you've been aching to gank an opponent in MU Legend, you'll have your chance next week when PvP content officially arrives. On December 5th, PvP features will unlock that allow players to take part in cross-server 3v3 battles. Players can challenge one another within their region.

Webzen Announces the Start of Open Beta without Character Wipe

Webzen has announced that MU Legend is now in its open beta phase of development. This is the "last preparation step" prior to full retail launch and players will be able to keep all progress, characters, items and other purchases once that happens. The entire game is open for testing, however, there are plans in the near future to add content including 3v3, territory wars and more.

Frontier Pack FAQ Published, Included Items Unlock for a Single Character

The MU Legend Facebook page has been updated with a handy and extensive FAQ about the Frontier Packs that are now for sale as the game preps for Open Beta. The usual sorts of questions are asked, but one in particular caught our attention: The included items are not unlocked account-wide, but only on a single character.

Successful Stress Test Keeps MU Legend on Track for November Open Beta

Webzen says that this past weekend's MU Legend stress test was successful and provided enough data about the stability and "endurance" of the server structure. As a result, the game is on track for its open beta release in November.

Stress Test Kicks Off Tomorrow for Eight Hours

Everyone is invited to hang out with Webzen and the MU Legend team tomorrow during the stress test for the game. The event will start at 9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern on Saturday, September 23rd and will run for about eight hours. All that is needed is to sign up for a Webzen account and download / install the client and wait for the stress test event to begin.

Open Beta Slips to November to Ensure a Quality Experience

Webzen has announced that the open beta phase of development for MU Legend is being pushed back to November 2017. The change is necessary to ensure that the team can make the game "the best it can be" instead of rushing development and "risking watering down the overall gaming experience that MU Legend will offer", wrote Producer Pierre Vandenbroucke.

Open Beta Set to Begin in September

MU Legend is progressing through its development cycle and is preparing for open beta currently slated for September. OBT will includ new features including localization in several new languages. Players will find enhanced graphics and a fluid hack 'n' slash combat style.

Global Open Beta to Begin this Summer

Webzen has sent word that the global open beta for MU Legend is expected to kick off this summer. In the intervening months, the team will be working on localization, trading NPCs, 3v3 PvP and fine tuning the game for open beta.