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Mortal Online Articles

Mortal Online Updates Roadmap for Closed Alpha

The Mortal Online 2 team tweeted out an updated roadmap for closed alpha earlier. Here's what we learned.

Mortal Online 2 Combat Alpha Patch Notes Bring Host of Changes and Fixes

Some combat alpha patch notes for Mortal Online 2 have been published, featuring several additions, changes, and fixes.

Mortal Online 2 Closed Combat Alpha Underway

Mortal Online 2 has shared a quick video on the closed combat alpha which should currently be underway.

Mortal Online 2 Announced, New Trailer Released

Mortal Online 2 has been announced today, and players can get a glimpse of the game via a new trailer which the studio released earlier this morning.

Mortal Online Details Vision For New Players In Upcoming Haven Patch

Coming October 7th, Mortal Online players can expect to see some changes to how newer players can interact with the game. Admitting it's a bit difficult to grasp, Mortal Online is revamping it's new player experience in the hopes it makes it easier to stick moving forward.

F2P Mortal Royale is Based in the World of Mortal Online & is Now in Steam Early Access

From the "did we need this file": Mortal Royale is a new battle royale game based in the same world as Mortal Online. The game has been released into Steam Early Access. As with most battle royale games, Mortal Royale features "up to 1000 players thrown into a massive world in the eye of a deadly chaotic storm that is slowly closing in on them". Players can utilize several combat types including melee, archery or magic as well as have the ability to take part in mounted combat.

With Latest Elementalism Update, You Can Literally Control the Weather

The Mortal Online site has been updated with a notice that two of three phases to update the Elementalism school of magic have been completed. The first two updates allow Elementalists to literally control the weather. Temperature can be raised and lowered and players have the ability to conjure rain or snow. The second phase added reagents to the mix to create a variety of weather effects based on having rain or snow present To show off some of the spells, the team released a new trailer.

Latest Update Brings Revamped Housing & Decorations

The latest Mortal Online update has been released that brings overhauled player housing into the game. Called "modular housing", the feature allows players to construct the perfect home they've always wanted. In addition, over four hundred decorations have been added to give the house that "homey" feel.

Raise the Dead Now That School of Necromancy Released

Mortal Online players have a new school of magic in which to dabble with the arrival of Necromancy. In addition, the latest patch has brought a massive number of bug fixes and feature enhancements to improve the overall player experience.

Mortal Online - Sandbox on Steam!

With so much going on in the world of AAA, Lock takes some time away from the hype-super-carriers to hop into the Steam release of Mortal Online.

Steam Release Arrives After Successful Greenlight Campaign

The Mortal Online team has sent word that the game is now officially available via the Steam gaming platform a few months after a successful Greenlight campaign. To celebrate, a new trailer has been released. Check it out and then head to the Mortal Online Steam page to get started.

Continent of Sarducaa to Release Today

The Mortal Online site has been updated with a new post by CEO Henrik Nystrom that lets players know that the long-awaited continent of Sarducaa will be released today, Sunday, May 17th. Nystrom promises players that the team will be actively watching the deployment of today's update and that even more polish and content will be added over time subsequent to the release.

City Building Feature Released

Star Vault has sent word that one of the most comprehensive patches for Mortal Online has been released into the game. The most notable feature in the update is the City Building ability that allows guilds to build a tower, own land, collect taxes, black-list undesirables and more. To show off the capabilities of the City Building feature, Star Vault has released a new trailer.

City Building Trailer

Mortal Online trailer for patch Introducing the new feature City Building. Build your own grand city, no instances, a free placement system and a ton of new content.

Free to Play, But Not Bug-Free

Mortal Online recently began offering a free-to-play option for interested players. We wanted to see how the F2P version stacked up. See what we discovered and then let us know what you think in the comments.