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Get a Hazy Peek at the First Monster Hunter Movie Trailer

During the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival, the first 30-second trailer for the Monster Hunter movie was shown. Viewers got a look at a desert location with monsters popping out of the ground. While the trailer hasn't been released commercially, one wily fan managed to capture it on video, so if you're looking for a hazy peek at Tony Jaa and Milla Jovovich in their MH roles, check it out! Excuse the quality!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Story Trailer

Capcom has released an epic 4-minute trailer that reveals the story behind the upcoming Monster Hunter World expansion, Iceborne. Viewers will get a good look at the new base camp in Hoarfrost Reach as well as an idea about a new mysteria to solve. Of course no Monster Hunter game would be complete without a host of new creatures to battle as well. The Nargacuga, Glavenus and Tigrex are all shown to good effect as well as the antagonist, Velkhana.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trailers Showcase Weapons

Capcom has released a pair of very brief videos to showcase weapons coming to the Monster Hunter World expansion, Iceborne. The videos showcase several of the new weapon styles coming with Iceborne. In each, viewers will get a look at weapons in action as the character enters into battle.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Expansion Reveal

Monster Hunter World will be receiving its first major expansion in the latter half of 2019. The announcement was made via a new trailer that shows a team of Monster Hunters pursuing a dragon escaping across windswept seas to a new fog-enshrouded island.

Monster Hunter: World - Autumn Harvest Fest Event Begins for Console

Monster Hunter World players on PlayStation 4 and XBox One can head into the game for some extra special Halloween / Autumn fun thanks to the arrival of the Autumn Harvest Fest. Players can check out the new decorations in the Gathering Hub and take on the limited-time quests that can unlock Halloween-themed costumes.

 FFXIV's Behemoth Lands, Ready to Do Battle

The PlayStation Blog has been updated with the news that the Behemoth from Final Fantasy XIV has finally landed in Monster Hunter: World. The blog post provides players with some tips for taking down this massive creature depending on the role they are fulfilling.

 Kulve Taroth Trailer Showcases the Elder Dragon

Hot on the heels of the publication of the latest Monster Hunter World patch notes, the team has released a brand new trailer highlighting the update's biggest (literally) star, Kulve Taroth! In addition, the April 19th update will include the new El Dorado location.

What If Your Hunter Talked? - Episode 2 (Parody) - TheHiveLeader

Your hunter is oddly silent in Monster Hunter: World. You ever wonder what it would be like if they talked? On this episode, we eat, hunt, and hunt some more!

What If Your Hunter Talked? (Parody) - TheHiveLeader

Your hunter is oddly silent in Monster Hunter: World. You ever wonder what it would be like if they talked? Turns out it's a story about fitting in, making friends, hunger, and things going terribly wrong.

TheHiveLeader - 'I'm Completely Entranced & Can't Stop Playing'

Monster Hunter: World has completely entranced TheHiveLeader. He hasn't been able to stop playing. In fact, he's writing this and playing at the same time. Perhaps you should be too. Let's see why!