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Monster Hunter World Reviews

Monster Hunter: Iceborne Review

The Monster Hunter franchise is always unique in how every battle feels like a dance. I played most of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne solo and every monster might as well have been my dance partner. The Iceborne expansion delivers a sequel’s worth of content with how much it expands Monster Hunter World.

A Solid Title That Will Soak Up a LOT of Time

It’s been a long eight months waiting for the PC release of Monster Hunter World following its console debut in January of this year. We got our hands on a copy to see how the franchises “most accessible title” plays with the old mouse and keyboard and if there much graphics improvement to be had.

Cook, Kill, Craft, Repeat

Late last week Capcom unleashed the beast that is Monster Hunter World on the, well, world. Does it live up to the bestial hype it has earned so far? Read on for Rob’s review to find out.