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Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate Overview

Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate is an action RPG and the fourth installment in the Monster Hunter series. This latest game sees a greater emphasis on player movement and adds extra features such as the ability to grab and attack monsters, which also adapt to their terrain and surroundings. The main aim of the game, as with the other games in the Monster Hunter series is to seek out, battle, and capture or kill specific types of monsters. Monster Hunter 4 features a greater emphasis on exploration and story content than previous entries in the series, and includes a line of special missions to accompany the new features. Some of the game's unique equipment, especially designs based on monsters in previous games, is unique to these new Guild Quest and Exploration mission lines.

  • The Hunt Begins Again | Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate once again brings players to a world where hunting down monsters to capture or kill is the way to progress.
  • Improved Monster Tactics | With new features and special expanded exploration, the series progresses. Three dimensional movement is important, and monsters will adapt and use their terrain. Grab hold of monsters to attack, or launch an attack in mid-air.
  • Fully Online Multiplayer | Through fully online integrated multiplayer, the new Guild Quest system that takes advantage of the Nintendo 3DS' StreetPass or cards, face other players as never before.
New DLC Features Metroid, Mega Man and Street Fighter Gear

It's that time again - time for this month's free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC pack. This one comes with Metroid, Mega Man and Street Fighter Palico gear. In celebration of selling 1 million units of the game, Capcom's also releasing a new "Hunter's Weapon Gallery" theme available in the Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop.

New Free DLC Released

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has even more to offer 3DS players with today's release of a free DLC that gives access to collaborative costumes from both Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros., each of which can be crafted. Players can also take part in fourteen new quests, grab some new gear and much more.

The Original BAMs

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the newest addition to the long running and wildly successful Monster Hunter franchise from Capcom. The game does not take long to thrust you into the action with one of the biggest threats you’ll face making its appearance at the onset. In the opening minutes you are sailing the high seas made of sand and are pursued by a gigantic dragon that can also swim in the sand! He puts the sarlacc to shame.