Star Trek Online: First Foundry Challenge Detailed

First Foundry Challenge Detailed - Star Trek Online News

The Star Trek Online team has announced the details of its first Foundry Challenge, a contest where players create a scenario and players vote for their favorites. The team has issued the background material for creating the scenario. Builders have three weeks to build their mod with players having a chance to play the mod for a week afterward before voting commences.

Today we start the four-week run of the first Foundry Challenge: Conundrum on Risa:

While on shore leave on Risa, the murder of a Stahlonian diplomat takes place on the island you are visiting. This diplomat was recently involved in talks with the Federation and KDF to join forces in combating the Borg advancement in the Alpha Quadrant. The loss of this diplomat is a tradgedy, and will cause a step back in negotiations, as the Stahlonian government was already worried about getting involved.

As the most senior ranking officer on the island at the time of incident, you have been tasked with investigating the events that lead up to the murder, including finding the culprit. As you begin questioning the locals, you stumble across clues that seem to follow some sort of pattern. As the investigation continues, you begin to realize there seems to be a riddle of sorts involved.

Read the full contest details on the Star Trek Online forum.

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