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Exclusive Multiplayer Video - Dual Universe News

Novaquark is releasing a new video to show you one of the exciting aspects of Dual Universe: the fact that it is possible for players to share the same spaceship at the same time, also known as multiplayer crew. The gameplay possibilities are important because it will allow players to specialize on various aspect of the ship piloting and management, creating dedicated teams working together.

The video is illustrating a variety of situations where you have ships and simple barges, that were made for demonstration purposes, crossing each other. The tech behind the scene is based on the fact that each moving construct represent a free reference frame, on which it is possible to attach players, or even other constructs. Therefore, there is no jitter when people move around, because their movement is relative to the construct they are attached to.

Importantly, there is no limit to the number of players that can be stacked on one particular construct: the underlying server technology is doing “Dynamic Space Splitting” on a per construct basis. There is in fact no fundamental difference from a tech point of view between a planet and a mobile construct, so this gives an idea of what could be possible: huge transport or battle ships with large crew, floating cities, giant space stations, etc.

Be sure to check out the Dual Universe KickStarter page after watching the video.

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