General: System Shock 3 Development Begins

System Shock 3 Development Begins

Otherside Entertainment has announced that development has officially started for System Shock 3. Development is taking place in Austin, Texas and is in the capable hands of Warren Spector and a team of industry veterans.

In addition, the team is consulting with members of the original System Shock teams within OtherSide Entertainment, including creative director Paul Neurath (System ShockSystem Shock 2), lead designer Tim Stellmach (System ShockThief: The Dark Project) and art director Nate Wells (System Shock 2BioShock).

Finally, OtherSide Austin will engage the talents of Terri Brosius, the voice behind the System Shock series’ malevolent AI, SHODAN, and concept artist Robb Waters (System ShockBioShock). Outside creative consultants include Doug Church, game director on the original System Shock game.

Learn more on the System Shock 3 site.

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