Jumpgate Evolution: Gazillion Owns NetDevil

Gazillion Owns NetDevil - Jumpgate Evolution News

NetDevil has revealed that they are a part of the Gazillion family of game development studios, and Jumpgate Evolution will be the first game title launched under Gazillion.


Hey everyone, I wanted to make a quick post before the official announcements show up everywhere. This past July NetDevil became a part of Gazillion Entertainment and it has been something that has already been working to help make Jumpgate the best game it can be.

We’re here to make great games and listen to our fans in the community and this is what we love to do. In the past few years, NetDevil has grown beyond our wildest dreams, but also beyond our ability to run things as well as we’d like. We needed help to manage all the things that come with running a larger company, and we looked at many options. We finally found a partner that shares our vision of making great games and way you go about that (lots of focus testing, vertical slice development, iterate until things are great, and only release games when they are ready). We just want to be able to focus on what we do really well. Gazillion is helping behind the scenes with game operations including customer service and community management, as well as QA and security. All the supporting functions that help make a great game shine, like, marketing support, network operations, IT, legal, and publishing, have been significantly enhanced as a result of the deal. This frees up NetDevil to spend more time and attention on developing great games.

It’s very exciting for us to finally publicly announce what has been making NetDevil better for a long time now behind the scenes!

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