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Update Brings Big Changes - Rise of Dragonian Era News

Update Brings Big Changes

Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE) players will want to head into the game to check out the big new changes and additions with the latest update. Among other things, the level cap has increased and two new dungeons have been added.

Posted May 11, 2012 by Suzie Ford
Big Month of Events Planned - Rise of Dragonian Era News

Big Month of Events Planned

mGame and the Rise of Dragonian Era devs have a big month planned for players judging by the events and contests they are sponsoring from now through May 9th.

Posted Apr 16, 2012 by Suzie Ford
Launch Day Interview - Rise of Dragonian Era News

Launch Day Interview

Rise of the Dragonian Era, or RODE, officially launches today and we've got an exclusive interview with Game Service Manager Ryan Kwon. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Posted Mar 09, 2012 by Suzie Ford
Retail Release Today - Rise of Dragonian Era News

Retail Release Today

MGames has announced that Rise of Dragonian Era is now officially in retail release. Players can log into the free to play MMO and take advantage of this weekend's give away featuring Alienware laptop, PS Vitas, graphics cards and more.

Posted Mar 09, 2012 by Suzie Ford
Beta Weekend Preview - Rise of Dragonian Era News

Beta Weekend Preview

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to check in with NetGame's Rise of Dragonian Era or RODE as it is more commonly known. RODE is currently in closed beta testing with this weekend being one that specifically targeted the game's PvP aspect. See what we thought of our time in the game.

Posted Feb 13, 2012 by Suzie Ford
Rise of Dragonian Era Overview

Rise of Dragonian Era is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG from Netgame and MGame USA that will cast players into the middle of a dragon war, and the inhabitants of Feral are under constant attack by monsters and beasts. The dark dragon Devilo is attempting to open the terrible dimension gate, causing corruption and evil to spread across the world. Two other dragon lords, Firean and Azurian, have stepped in to protect the tribes of people, forming an alliance against Devilo. Players choose from six races to become an inhabitant of Feral and lend their might and skills to aid in the war against Devilo and his dark forces.


  • Races | Asrai, Shedi, Halfkin, Orial, Sinkong, Kaebi.
  • Classes | Cleric, Mage, Rogue, Warrior.
  • Dragon Mounts | Ride dragons and engage in aerial combat.
  • Castle Siege | Players can conquer and seize castles.
  • The Region War | Where Azurian and Firean forces fight in a massive PvP war.
  • Crafting | Players may learn mining, fishing, extracting, and gathering to craft items.
  • Item Socketing System | Players may attach a ‘vid’ to their items and equipment for stat upgrades.
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Developer: NetGame
Publisher: MGame USA, Inc.
Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
Status: Development
Release:  est.rel N/A
Has PVP: No/Unknown
Distribution: Download
Retail Price: n/a
Pay Type: Free
Monthly Fee:  n/a
Distribution: Desktop Client
System Req: PC 
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