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Our Official Cardmon Hero Review - Cardmon Hero News

Our Official Cardmon Hero Review

Cardmon Hero is a cute anime style MMORPG originally announced in 2006. How has it fared since its global English launch a year ago? Find out in our latest review!

Posted Jun 28, 2012 by Suzie Ford
Free Gift Keys For 5000 TCoins - Cardmon Hero News

Free Gift Keys For 5000 TCoins has a limited supply of coupon codes for Cardmon Hero. Each of these codes will give you 5000 TCoins that can be used in the item shop. Get your coupon code while supplies last!

Posted Jan 27, 2011 by Craig McGregor
Cardmon Hero Closed Beta 2 Key Handout - Cardmon Hero News

Cardmon Hero Closed Beta 2 Key Handout has been given keys for the second closed beta phase of Cardmon Hero. This beta testing event will run from Jan 5-9, 2011 - so get your key while supplies last!

Posted Jan 06, 2011 by Craig McGregor
Closed Beta #2 Begins Tonight - Cardmon Hero News

Closed Beta #2 Begins Tonight

Uforia has announced that the second closed beta test for their trading card MMORPG Camon Hero will commence this evening at 5PM PST.

Posted May 10, 2010 by Michael Bitton
Cardmon Hero Overview

Cardmon Hero is free-to-play "control action" MMORPG developed by T3 Entertainment and published by Uforia. Players are set in the land of Aria to help save it and the people from the forces of darkness. The game features a card summoning system that allows players to summon allies that will fight alongside them in battle. Player classes are determined by a combination of the character's statistics and card deck.


  • Card Summon System | Hundreds of mercenary cards to collect and use in battle.
  • Role Distribution System | Mercenaries vary in their combat roles by having strong hit points, strong damage points, or strong healing abilities.
  • Card Combination System | Improve and create new cards by combining mercenary, skill, and recipe cards.
  • Extensive Hunting Mode | Accrue mission points to open strong named monsters up to being hunted.
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Developer: T3 Entertainment
Publisher: Uforia
Genre: Fantasy MMORPG
Status: Cancelled
Release:  est.rel N/A
Has PVP: Yes
Distribution: Download
Retail Price: n/a
Pay Type: Free
Monthly Fee:  n/a
Distribution: Desktop Client
System Req: PC 
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