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Minecraft Articles

Minecraft RTX Beta Available This Thursday

The Minecraft RTX beta is set to begin this week. Here's what you need to know.

Minecraft Bedrock Version Arrives on PS4 Tomorrow

Aching to play the latest version of Minecraft on PS4? Well, you can do so tomorrow.

Nvidia Reveals Host of RTX Enabled Games, Minecraft Receives Drastic Update

At Gamescom earlier today, Nvidia unveiled a roster of games set to receive ray tracing updates, with Minecraft receiving a ground-up overhaul.

Minecraft Players Help Mojang Donate $100,000 to Charity: Water

Minecraft players have helped developer Mojang to donate $100,000 to Charity: Water. Mojang committed to a $10,000 donation, but promised players it would donate an additional $90,000 if the free Travelling Trader skin and map pack was downloaded 100,000 times. Less than a day later, players had risen to the challenge. Charity: Water will be able to serve over 3,300 people who do not currently have access to clean water as a result of the donation.

Assist the Wildlife World Fund by Placing Bamboo Blocks in Minecraft

In celebration of the release of "cats and pandas" on the Minecraft Bedrock servers, developers are challenging players to place a million bamboo blocks to trigger a donation to the World Wildlife Fund in the amount of $100,000. "We're confident this donation isn't a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when"," developers wrote. Last year, the Minecraft community was instrumental in seeing $100,000 donated to the Nature Conservancy, so devs are confident in the same happening this year.

Mojang Introduces a New Dungeon-Crawling Minecraft Action-Adventure Game

During this weekend's MineCon 2018, Mojang twitterpated its worldwide community with some pretty awesome news including Minecraft: Dungeons. The game is said to be an "action-adventure" title that sends players on cooperative dungeon crawls while exploring "canyons, swamps and -- of course -- mines". Minecraft: Dungeons will make its debut in 2019.

MineCon Earth 2018 Dated for September 29th

This year's virtual fan event for Minecraft is ready to roll come September 29th. Called MineCon Earth, the event will be broadcast live on all of Minecraft's social channels on YouTube, Facebook, Mixer and on the game's official site. Viewers will be able to check out upcoming content, see a costume contest and listen in on a variety of panels.

With Over 144M Copies Sold, December Breaks Records with 75M Monthly Active Users

During a recent live stream event, the Minecraft team let it be known that over 144 million copies of the game have been sold over all of its platforms. In addition, December was a huge month for the game with over 74 million unique players taking part in the fun. "That's really a testament to people coming back to the game, whether it's through the game updates or bringing new players from across the world", said Helen Chiang.

You'll Be Able to Swim with the Dolphins in Upcoming Aquatic Update

Last week, Minecraft fans too part in MineCon and learned a lot of exciting new information about what's coming to the game. The biggest announcement during the event was about the Update Aquatic that will bring all sorts of fishy content into the game including dolphins, explorable shipwrecks, tons of fish, kelp and new water physics to name a few. The Aquatic Update will arrive in Spring 2018.

Stranger Things Skin Pack Released

If you're a fan of the Netflix Original Series "Stranger Things" and you're a Minecraft players, today's themed skin pack release may be just what this weekend needs. The Stranger Things skin pack celebrates today's release of Season 2 of the wildly popular series. You can get hold of it from the Minecraft Marketplace for 490 coins or on the PlayStation Store and for other platforms for $2.99.

Microsoft Partners with Mixer to Allow Viewer Interaction with Streamers

Minecraft streamers who broadcast using Mixer will be able to provide their viewers with a new level of interactivity. Anyone viewing a stream via Mixer will be provided with buttons that can influence the game by helping, hindering or just plain building alongside their favorite streamers.

Spoooooktacular Event Begins on Official Partner Servers

Minecraft players can now take part in the annual SPOOOOKTACULAR Halloween event taking place across the Mineplex, InPvP and Lifeboat servers, official partners of the devs. Players will find "blocky Halloweentowns" packed with tricks and treats. They'll also find Zombie Invasions, Pumpkin Kings and special Jack O'Lanterns with in game prizes and quests included.

All Versions Meld Into a Happy Family with Better Together

The Better Together update for Minecraft has been deployed that brings the Windows 10, mobile, VR and console versions of the game together. Minecraft is now a universal game and unites players around the world on millions of devices and includes thirty-four new features into the game.

Wynncraft - An MMO Within an MMO

There has been a lot of virtual ink devoted to whether or not Minecraft is an MMO. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, there is no disputing a new module made within Minecraft that is a fully featured MMO called Wynncraft.

Players Can Assist in Cancer Research Via Special Mod

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is the home of one of the most advanced educational super computers in the US. To extend the machine processing power associated with cancer research currently in process at SMU, educators have created a special Minecraft mod that provides "much more computing power than even the super computer here at SMU", said one professor.