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Mimesis Overview

Mimesis Online is a multi-player online role-playing game - it gives you the chance to play a character created by you, and to take part in telling a story along with other players from around the globe. All the characters live on a patchwork world where peace and quiet are a rarity, and danger lurks everywhere. You decide what role your character will play in the tapestry of this world - will you send him or her on missions for other characters, decide that he or she should settle down and get a job, or explore the gameworld, defending yourself from its dangers and discovering its secrets? Will you get involved in the arena combat system, and pit your character's wits and strength against other players' characters and computer-controlled gladiators? The choice is yours, and the possibilities endless. The game is set on a world that was created in the death-throes of our Universe - a cosmic-scale cataclysm crushed several realities together - this Universe and several others were almost wiped out along with all of their inhabitants. A few hundreds of thousands survived, representatives of intelligent species that once thought they were alone in the cosmos. Forced together in the new reality, they had to come to terms with no longer being alone, and learn how to survive. Ferocious and cunning animals, disease, famine, war, and the loss of everything they were ever familiar with were just some of the things the survivors had to overcome before they could move on and rebuild some sort of a society. Almost six hundred years have passed since the events of the cataclysm, and a fragile and uneasy peace exists. Your character is one of the descendents of those original survivors, and a potential mover and shaker in what is to come. 'Mimesis Online' is a complex game with a rich history and a detailed arc-plot that will be unfolded before your eyes over the coming months and years. The game begins in a nation called the Central Lands at a time when major events are in the offing for this troubled, divided world. Your character may get involved in the world-shaking events, or try to avoid getting caught up in them. As the game progresses, the political and social situation in some areas will change, new allies and enemies may appear on the face of the world, and new possibilities will open up before the inhabitants' eyes. The story of the game presented here on this web site will be updated as events unfold in the gameworld, so keep your eyes out for information that could be important for your character - maybe even information that could save his or her life.