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Guild Sores: You Know the Guy...

By David North on August 12, 2011 | Media | Comments

Guild Sores: You Know the Guy...

We entered the dungeon and the coast looked clear.  I double-checked the mini-map and didn’t see a single red dot, which made me think that if any time was going to be good for a break it would be now.


It started off with me getting a drink. Then of course I wanted some food.  I had choices, but as a gamer on a time-limit it isn’t uncommon for me to just grab a microwavable form of something that barely passes as edible.  What I love best about “Inferno Pockets” (not their real name) is that they come in different flavors: cheese, cheese and some type of meat, cheese and some vegetables, and for those who love it all… cheese with meat, vegetables and more cheese.

So after taking my time trying to decide on my flavor for the evening, I returned to my party, but to my surprise they had been slain.  With all their bodies lying before me I asked what had happened.  Some of the enemies went off patrol and killed my cohorts, except for me.  I was untouched which was great because I hate paying for repairs on my armor.  They probably just thought I was too menacing, standing there all stoic.  Because I am.  Oh and the Hot-Pocket was delicious too.

David North / All my life I've been a gamer, from side scrolling adventures to shooters, it was only a mater of time before the RPG genre would grab a hold of me. My love for games grew so much that I started to make them. It grew even more, and now I also write about them.