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Blackdagger Ruins & Vellosk Exclusive Screens

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Begin your journey into Neverwinter's Blackdagger Ruins by checking out the lore behind the zone:

The undead rise to fight and protect Traven and Malus Blackdagger at all cost.

Traven Blackdagger's reanimated soul now haunts the waters of Sword Coast.

The fearsome boss werewolf strikes a mighty blow against the unprepared party in the Wolf Mountain maw.

The next set of screens are from the Gray Wolf Den, a treacherous dungeon within Vellosk, one of Neverwinter's zones. Check out the lore trailer for Gray Wolf Den:

Adventurers should take caution while exploring the treacherous Gray Wolf Den as werewolves strike with veracity.

Werewolves are not the only things to worry about in the Gray Wolf Den. Watch your step throughout the dungeon!

Corrupted men battle along werewolves for what little is left on Vellosk.

An intense fight to cleanse the Gray Wolf Den of its infestation

The battle continues as werewolves call for reinforcement in this fight for survival in the Gray Wolf Den.

Men are not the only things that prowl the hills of Vellosk.


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