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Alchemic Dream: E3 Update

By  on May 11, 2006 | Media | Comments

Alchemic Dream: E3 Update
They work with a half dozen MMOs, but do you know what they do?

Alchemic Dream is a company that specializes in Online Game Logistics for MMOs.

The company is working in both U.S. and European markets in over five languages. What Alchemic Dream is trying to do is add more life to MMOs by working with NPCs and hosting in game events. The also specialize in localization of games crossing language barriers so games can be played in different countries using the specific language.

Alchemic Dream is currently working with DDO, RF Online, Seed, Dark & Light, Archlord, and Second Life. Providing customer support, community management, billing, and consulting, this allows designers to work on the games and make them better while the maintenance is handled separately. The company also covers a large amount of community service and promotion for games. They carry a staff of seventy five members who cover game services for twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.


The biggest thing that Alchemic Dream is trying to add to MMOs is the ability to host in game daily events. People on their staff actually join and play as NPCs to create a different experience than just interacting with the AI. Many NPCs follow script lines in games. By allowing people to play the NPCs is creates surprises for players. The company plans to “keep players on their toes,” said Louis Martin Michaud.

The company also has a Partnership with Aria who specializes in billing for online games. The company works on a different model of billing that charges players for in game items so that players can go deeper into a game. This could create a very expensive MMO world if players start paying real cash for in game items. This billing method is becoming more and more popular in Asia currently, but has yet to make the leap to the U.S.

When it comes to setting up events in game, the company is still limited by platform. However more developments are being made to host events in different games to really change up game play. Alchemic Dream expects the staff to double with in the next year to meet demand for more change in game play. Once the tools are fully in place, you may see NPCs being run by real people adding to the game experience.

With the MMO market growing so quickly and players demanding more from their games, companies like this will become more and more prevalent. I want to say thank you to Louis-Martin Michaud for sitting down with us and explaining the unique market niche that they have found. So next time you run up to an NPC to get a quest, you may just be in for a surprise.

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