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Achievement Breakdown

By David North on September 23, 2011 | Media | Comments

Achievement Breakdown

Maybe it's cliche, and that's alright.  But I am sick to death of go-kill-this quests. Sure, I'm exaggerating because I'll still likely play every MMO that comes out and these little traditions aren't going anywhere, but at the very least developers could disguise the quests and their ridiculously simple objectives a bit more.


I mean, can you imagine someone asking you to go do something like this?

"Hey man.  I hate those pigs in the clearing.  Go kill like, ten of 'em.  And bring me their ears too, but not every one will have ears apparently.  So there's that."

Games coming down the pike seem to be trying to disguise this more and more, and it's a trend I hope continues into the future.  SWTOR seems to be making the "kill x of this" quests a sort of side-job to their main mission.  It's a little immersion-breaking I think to be told via holocron to "kill 40 banthas on your way to saving the village" but at least it takes the focus off of these kind of quests and let's you decide if you want to do them as they're not necessary to progress.

But in any case, if you ever come across a town where all the people are dead in your favorite MMO? This is probably what happened.

David North / All my life I've been a gamer, from side scrolling adventures to shooters, it was only a mater of time before the RPG genre would grab a hold of me. My love for games grew so much that I started to make them. It grew even more, and now I also write about them.