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NEXT Trailer Previews Multiplayer, Space Fleets & Much More
No Man's Sky
Game Trailer, added on Jul 17, 2018
Hello Games has released a brand new trailer to show off a plethora of new and improved features coming to No Man's Sky with the NEXT update that will launch next week. Viewers will get a look at the brand new multiplayer feature, as well as the first- and third-person flight options. The video also shows off the retooled GFX.
0.9 Update Trailer - First Scav Boss, New Weapons & Explosives
Escape from Tarkov
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 16, 2018
Battlestate game has sent out a brand new trailer that showcases some of the things coming with the v0.9 Escape from Tarkov update that will be released in the near future. Items include smoke grenades, flashbang, ID armbands, new weapons, new equipment and more. Players can look forward to the first scav boss, The Dealmaker.
Warbringers Animated Shorts Are Coming Ahead of Battle for Azeroth
World of Warcraft
Game Trailer, added on Jul 16, 2018
Blizzard has announced a trio of World of Warcraft animated short movies that will spotlight three iconic leaders "from across Azeroth": Jaina Proudmoore, Sylvanas Windrunner and Queen Azshara. The three will be released ahead of the Battle for Azeroth expansion coming on August 14th.
Around the Verse - Dude, It's the July 12th Update
Star Citizen
Video Podcast, added on Jul 13, 2018
Yep, it's Friday and that means it's time for the latest edition of the Star Citizen: Around the Verse video series. In this week's self-titled "Dude, It's the July 12th Update", the team takes a look at big improvements to "environmental storytelling" and much more.
Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch to Land on July 17th
World of Warcraft
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 13, 2018
The wait for the next World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is coming to a close. With launch day on August 14th, the time has come for the pre-patch events to go live starting July 17th. The pre-patch comes with a number of changes briefly outlined in this video and on the game's official site.
Beast of Winter DLC Coming on August 2nd
Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
Game Trailer, added on Jul 12, 2018
If you've been missing your Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire crew and ship, you're in luck! The first DLC, Beast of Winter, will be heading to the high seas on August 2nd. According to a PCGamesN preview, developers have taken a more darkly comedic turn in Beast of Winter as players head into The Beyond, "a supernatural dimension filled with ancient things".
My Journey To 70 - Part 1 - TheHiveLeader
Final Fantasy XIV
Video Podcast, added on Jul 12, 2018
Final Fantasy XIV and TheHiveLeader haven't always seen eye to eye. But sometimes things change. In an effort to see everything Final Fantasy XIV has to offer, TheHiveLeader is devoting an entire month to one of the best MMOs out there that he's never really gotten into. Will this time be different? Hopefully.
Developer Update: July 11th 2018
Sea of Thieves
Video Podcast, added on Jul 11, 2018
Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate is back with the latest Developer Update for the game. Neate begins with a discussion of the latest build that was deployed earlier today and contains some stability fixes, eliminated a cannonball knockback that could injure a player's own crew and more. In addition, a new Bilgerat Adventure called the Sunken Curse has been added that "is intended to get you to explore underwater".
11 Things That Have Changed In No Man's Sky Since Launch
No Man's Sky
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 10, 2018
Hello Games' Sean Murray is ramping up the excitement to the NEXT content update to No Man's Sky that is coming later this month. In a new video, Murray details 11 things that have changed with the game since launch. It is, of course, not an exhaustive list, but it consists of the development team's favorite few.
ACE Q&A for July - New Monsters, Procedural World Generation & More
Video Podcast, added on Jul 10, 2018
The Crowfall team has posted the newest ACE Q&A for July, this time answering questions across a number of topics including procedural world generation, new monsters, Hunger contagion and much more. See what Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Lead Thomas Blair have to say.
Alpha One Environment Preview
Ashes of Creation
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 10, 2018
The Ashes of Creation team has posted a nifty new video to show off some of the environments that will be featured in Alpha One. Over the coming weeks, Intrepid plans to show off even more of the game, including the combat that has been a key focus of development over the last several months.
Shattered Realm Game Mode Sends Players Through the Veil
Grim Dawn
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 9, 2018
The latest Forgotten Gods preview has been posted on the Grim Dawn forum. This time, a new game mode is introduced called the Shattered Realm. When players take part, they are sent through the veil into a world beyond that is familiar...yet different and packed with increasingly difficult foes the further one explores.
The New War Teaser Trailer - TennoCon 2018
Game Trailer, added on Jul 7, 2018
Do you remember...what they did to you? The next chapter in Warframe's cinematic quests - The New War.
Fortuna Update Reveal Trailer - TennoCon 2018
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 7, 2018
Welcome to the open Landscape of Venus, coming in the Fortuna update later in 2018!
 Around the Verse - Alpha 3.2 in 5 Minutes or Less
Star Citizen
Video Podcast, added on Jul 6, 2018
The latest Star Citizen: Around the Verse has been published, this time pithily called "5 Minutes or Less" that is indicative of the length of the video. But it's an informative, if brief, video where Sandi Gardiner and Chris Roberts look at Alpha 3.2 and what is in the release pipeline going forward.
Full Gameplay Demo Replay of 'E3 Best Action Game Winner'
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 5, 2018
EA and BioWare have released the 20 minute gameplay demo for Anthem that was shown at E3 2018 in early June. The video features Lead Producer Ben Irving narrating the action that was shown during the E3 showcase. "Discover more about the transversal, combat, and teamwork on display as a team of four Freelancers complete the mission "Scars & Villainy".
Wood-Elf Timelapse
Video Podcast, added on Jul 5, 2018
The latest Crowfall concept art creation video has been published, this time centered on the Wood-Elf. Art Lead Dave Greco shows off how she was created and provides an inside look at the creative process "from start to finish".
First Details Revealed for Faction Warfare Coming with the Merlyn Update
Albion Online
Video Podcast, added on Jul 3, 2018
Sandbox Interactive has published a new video developer diary that reveals the first details of the forthcoming Albion Online Merlyn Update with specific regard to Faction Warfare. This is Part 1 of a multipart series that will reveal more about the Merlyn update.
Season of Wolves Update Brings a New Character & Removes Fatigue
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 3, 2018
Today's Closers update, Season of Wolves, brings both the playable character Violet and removes the fatigue system. In addition, players can look for big quality of life improvements, UI tweaks, gameplay balance adjustments and much more.
Playground Limited Time Mode Returns - Build a City in an Hour
Gameplay Footage, added on Jul 3, 2018
As part of this week's Fortnite update, the Playground limited time mode has made a return after briefly appearing and disappearing late last week. In Playground mode, up to four players can practice building and game tactics. One intrepid group even built a city in just over an hour.
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