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MechWarrior Online Articles

New Video Developer Diary Debuts

The MechWarrior Online team has released the first in a series of video developer diaries that will give players insight into the development process. The first deals with the pillars of development that the team is utilizing. Check it out!

Operation Inception Founder's Program Sale

Fans of MechWarrior Online will want to check out today's sale on the "Operation Inception Founder's Program. Both the Legendary and Elite Versions are on sale and include some wicked incentives to buy including in-game currency, battle mechs, permanent titles and more. The Legendary program is coming in at $120 with the Elite program at $60.

Razer Produces Awesome MWO Peripheral

Razer has just published a new computer peripheral that will surely help MechWarrior Online players to take the fight to the game in a whole new way. Called the Razer Artemis, it is, according to the official site, inspired by battlemechs and is considered a "console" that will give users an edge.

Closed Beta Invites Incoming

The MechWarrior Online team has announced that the first round of closed beta invites have been sent out and that potential testers should run to their inboxes.

New Trailer Showcases Game Play

Piranha Games has released a brand new trailer featuring some wicked game play action from MechWarrior Online. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!

New Screens Show Off Catapult

The MechWarrior Online team has released a cool half-dozen new screenshots featuring the Catapult. You can check them all out in our MechWarrior Online screenshot gallery. Enjoy!

GDC 2012 Gameplay Trailer

Piranha Games has released the game play trailer from MechWarrior Online. The trailer was released during last week's Game Developer's Conference. Feast your eyes!

New Screens Out of GDC

The MechWarrior Online team has released five new screenshots during this week's Game Developer's Conference. The screens are straight out of the game and show off some nifty environments. Check them out in our MechWarrior Online gallery.

BattleMech 6 - Centurion Detailed

The MechWarrior Online site has been updated with a detailed description of the BattleMech 6: Centurion. MechWarrior fans will be well-acquainted with the Centurion but the team wanted to reintroduce the old standby to those who might be new to the MW franchise.